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trippy illusions

All the steps showing you the journey of a Bill becoming a Law.

Skyla Beasley

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of trippy illusions

By: Skyla Beasley Illusions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! old people or two happy men? stare at the dot and it disapears do you see a man or the word liar? which is which book? stare at this for a bit then look at the wall or your paper and tell me wat you see! (religious) Up or Down?! do you see the heart Focus on focus and you will be able to read the words around it bit by bit but if you try to focus on the words they go blurry again stare at the crystal ball for a bit then move forward and backward. say the color of the word dont read it. are the purple lines straight? do you see the gray circle disappearing? Photo taken by Viking 1 in 1976.
What do you see?
Is it a Face or just an Illusion Updated Photo... where did the face go? It seem it was only a rock formation after all.... or was it?! Peace!
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