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Dolphins at Taiji

BLAH! *head explodes*

elizabeth naue

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Dolphins at Taiji

Double click anywhere & add an idea Dolphins taste bad And they contain dangerous levels of mercury so nobody sould kill them for food AND YET The population is dropping at an insane rate due to overfishing IF ONLY PEOPLE W0ULD STOP HUNTING THEM
THEY COULD LIVE A HAPPY, CARE-FREE LIFE IN THE OCEAN! But instead its more like this. Dolphins are NOT the cows of the sea.
(thats a manatee) so lets not butcher them. Every year in Japan alone
over 30,000 dolphins are slaughtered People should stop denying
the stark truth, or ignoring it... because... Several other countries are involved,
such as Russia and Guatemala,
and many others are indifferent. if other
countries would work together to help
stop the massacre, the whole trade
could be put to an end. The way this is done is torturous and violent.
if they were killed quickly and efficently, this would not be nearly as bad. instead, they are killed by pins driven through thier neck, thier throats cut, stabbing ,or simply bludgeoning to death this information is not known to many, even in the towns and
cities where it happens. and of those that know, only a handful do not ignore or just deny it. FACTS!!! The hunting season is between september and march.
Most different kinds of dolphins are hunted.
Dolphins are the only self aware biengs on the planet besides humans.
This means that is they see thier mother or child or sibling killed with a crowbar
they understand what is happening and are able to tell that they, too, are about to die. only ten to fifteen dolphins live. these 'lucky' few spend the rest of thier sad lives in aquariums DISCLAIMER!!!!
this prezi contains material not sutable for some audiences.
if you are not over 3 feet, have no ear hair, do not have to shave your neck, or own a fish,this prezi is not right for you, and you should resume playing pattycake with the person to your left. Or right.
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