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grafic design

No description

jessica chandran

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of grafic design

by jessica perception Sensation Emotion Intellect Identification As you can see this Ad is promoting Samsung Mobile Galaxy
the effective use of the elements and principles of design captures the idea of perception
the vibrant colors and effects used to created the Ad makes it very impressive because it's eye-catching and very appealing to viewers This ad for Lindt chocolate it makes me feel hungry and tempted to just reach in and grab the chocolate.
As you can see the melting chocolate you just want to turn your finger through it
This is a great advertisement because it people think of chocolate, sweets and food it makes makes them hungry This is a Anti-smoking Ad to stop smoking.
They have used artistic qualities to make it look like the little boy in the has a plastic bag over him causing him to suffocate
when smoking you not only killing your self but the people around you as well
intellect was successfully used to convey there message because it's makes you stop and take a moment to go deep into these types of issues Reverberation Graphic Design Analysis Spirituality "smoking isn't suicide it's murder" This advertisement is from Giving Hope Today asking you to donate some money this Christmas so they can provide shelter and food to the homeless the people blending in with the background captures the idea of spirituality because it incorporates to there message "we see what most don't"
Its an effective Ad because it makes people think about there society and the people part of it This Ad is promoting cover girl for there new product NatureLuxe.There trying to get you to buy this.
The used identification to gain viewers attention upon this product by Using Taylor swift was there cover girl
This is an successful Ad because it convinces people that if you you use this product you'll be like the famous Taylor swift This is ad to help donate money for people in India who are in poverty
They used emotion to try to get you to donate by making you feel sorry for the man in the picture who sitting alone,without any proper clothing and is very thin
This is an effective Ad because it makes people feel sympathetic for the people who can't afford shelter and food and make them want to donate "we see what most don't" Burger king is advertising using the idea of the well known Disney film Rapunzel
indicating the idea of that Rapunzel loves burger king and she's getting some delivered to her
This Ad is targets little kids since they watch a lot of cartoons The end
thank you
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