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Norse Mythology in Popular Culture

By Maggie Hayes, Mickey Lanning, Jesse Poston, and Susie Joiner

maggie hayes

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Norse Mythology in Popular Culture

By Maggie Hayes,
Mickey Lanning,
Jesse Poston,
and Susie Joiner Norse Mythology in
Popular Culture MARVEL COMICS *"German Heavy metal band Rebellion has recorded three Norse-inspired albums, called The History of the Vikings Trilogy." Music *David Drake's Northworld (1990) trilogy retells stories from Norse mythology in a science fiction setting. Literature *There is a New Zealand television series called "The Almighty Johnsons" which is about
a family who are all Norse Gods with the title character Axl discovering that he is the god "Odin" Television Video games *The DreamWorks animated film How to Train Your Dragon (2010) features Vikings who make a few references to the Norse gods Odin and Thor. Film In the world of Marvel, the
Norse Pantheon and similar
aspects play a dominant role,
especially Thor who has been one
of the most successful superheroes
for the comics and has recently
starred in the The Avengers movie based on the comic books. http://www.comicsreview.co.uk/ * "Swedish Symphonic metal band Therion based many of its lyrics on Norse mythology, including the whole 2001 concept album Secret of the Runes." *Diana Wynne Jones's novel, Eight Days of Luke (1975). Loki, Thor, Odin, Frey and Freya are characters in the story. There are many other characters from Norse mythology as well, such as Siegfried, Brunhilde, Baldur and Sigyn. *The television series Doctor Who has alluded to the Norse twilight of the gods in the story, The Curse of Fenric. *Yu-Gi-Oh! layson Card Game has cards based on Norse mythology, such as Polar Star Treasure Brisingamen, Polar Star Angel Valkyrie, Polar Sacred God Odin, Polar God Loki, and Polar God Thor. *Tomb Raider: Underworld uses the Norse mythology keystones, names and artifacts as its main plot basis. Lara Croft, in pursuit of finding her mother, visits the Neiflheim and other mythical places. Thor's hammer Mjollnir is used as her weapon. *Erik the Viking is loosely based on the myths.
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