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Once there was a girl who was never accepted as popular. But

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madison adams

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Once there was a girl who was never accepted as popular. But

Once there was a girl who was never accepted as popular. But that chenged.
But she had the biggest dreams. She wanted to become the President and rule the world. She also knew that it would never happed
She did have som e friends. their names were Alyssa, Breana, and Mary Ann. They were always there for her and would stand up to the bullies
The only thing she wanted to know is why she was bullied she was just like the others. Whenever she got home she would sit by a tree in her backyard and write down in her diary every thing that happened that day.
Everytime she sat by the tree she felt a special feeling inside. She had a special feeling a happy feeling and a feelong of stress relief. She had felt as if the tree had accepted her more than the people at school.
Her name was kate. She was in 8th grade and one of her all time dreams was to be with the popular kids. Every time she would try to talk to them they would walk away and make fun of her

The Best Day Ever
The next day at school it was totally different. People were nice to her and they accepted her more. She told her friends about it and they said that they talked to a teacher about it and a teacher stopped all bullying
After they told her that she hd a visual in her mind of her with a bunch of people. After that a whole crowd of people came to her and talked to her.
When she was in math she had another image in her head of her being crowned prom queen and standing in a beautiful dress.
When she was on the bus ride home she sat with a bunch of people and then she had another vision. She saw her looking into the future and seeing something good. and forgeting the past.
When she got off the bus she sat by the tree and wrote about her day. She said that she wanted more days like that. It was her best day ever
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