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Toronto Should Choose to Build More Subways Lines Instead of Light Rail Track Lines (LRT) or Bus Routes

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Ricky Huang

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Toronto Should Choose to Build More Subways Lines Instead of Light Rail Track Lines (LRT) or Bus Routes

Toronto Should Choose to Build More Subways Lines Instead of Light Rail Track Lines (LRT) or Bus Routes
Subways Carry More People Than LRT and Buses
Can carry the most people in a hour (15k-36k)
Have the most space (5 cars on a train)
Most people use subways to downtown Toronto
Subways never get traffic jams
Has very short delay time
Subways are commonly used
Very fast
Goes 32km/h
Subways goes faster than LRT(32km/h >22km/h)
Doesn't slow down
Doesn't have traffic
Delay time at a station is fast
Heavily Protected
Protected from heavy rain and wind
Can even run when there's a snow storm
Protected much better than LRT and buses
Rarely gets flooded
Rarely get maintenance
last for 100 years
Subways Have Lots of to Develop
Our subway lines are short
Many places to build
There are enough bus routes
It will be more easy to go to places
If developed, it's more easy to go to
More easier to develop than LRT
It's reliable
Always on when people need it
Usally never closes when there's bad weather
It still goes even though there's maintenance
Get's to a station quick
Subways rarely breakdown


Toronto should choose to develop the subways. Subways can carry a lot of people especially in a hour. They are very well protected from bad weather and very reliable. Also the are fast and can be developed in many ways better than LRT and buses. Therefore, subways are better choice to develop than LRT or buses
I picked subways routes as a better choice than LRT or bus routes. People have enough useful bus routes and buses have a higher chance of having traffic or collisions. LRT takes up alot of space, need lots of maintenance and it's very slow going to other stations. Subways are fast, durable and very useful. Therefore subways are the best choice to be developed.
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