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Erhan Göğebakan

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of war

WARS Colonialism Effects on Country Civil War Nowadays,several countries are governed by a dictatorship.For these reason,causes of rebellion. Religion Many wars appeared for religion.Common cause of religion wars,countries wanted to spread their religion. İmperialist states(England,USA,France) want raw materials and sources of energy because of attack weak countries. Wars have an important effect on people.The first effect is death.38 million people died in Second World War. Effect on Social Life War is between the countries and organized army struggle. After wars,thousands of people lose their culture,religion,language,places which people live in etc. Effects There is no winner in the war World War 1 30 million people World War 2 66 million people Deaths Wounded World War 1 5 million people World War 2 20 million people Prepared by Ahmet Gündoğdu and Erhan Göğebakan Thank you for listening to us. on People Wars have lots of effects on the countries. The most visible example is that,economy is effected by wars negatively.
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