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MWolff and Jeppesen 2013

No description

Michelle Wolff

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of MWolff and Jeppesen 2013

We made an Investment in One Another
2013 Skill Development
This summer Jeppesen helped me develop my skills and learn about the following programs:

JAD/ JOL (Jeppesen's Aviation Database/ JAD Online)
QTP, Adobe Flex (automation testing)
Quality Center
Clear Quest
Clear Case
T-SQL (Sybase)
MS Query
Intro on eNOTAMS (Notice to Airmen)
Intro on BPM (Business Process Management)

Build and release process (SDLC)
Roles of a functioning team
Jeppesens global role and presence
Aviation Technology

Main Project: JAD (automation)
What: JAD/ JOL (Jeppesen Aviation Database/ Online)

My Role: Create automated test scripts that would test every entity in JAD (e.g., Waypoints, Airports, etc...)

Work on CQ's and submit bugs found in application.

Why: To make sure that all the appropriate business rules were fired, and that JAD functions at an optimum level.
Thank You!
An Intern Experience:
GNTS Software Test

Michelle Wolff
Metro State University
Major: Computer Science
Expected Graduation: 2015/16

My eagerness to learn and curiosity of Jeppesen has been encouraged and supported by everyone.

I have been amazed at the cohesiveness of everyone at Jeppesen and would love to be a part of the team.

What Value Did the Project Have?

I was able to help maintain the quality of JAD/JOL (Jeppesen Aviation Database/ JAD Online).

Internal customers

use this application and our
external customers (Pilots)
use the data. It is imperative that it functions properly for the
of our users.
Entities Tested: 29
Tests Created: 73+ (that can be ran for each release)
Business Rules Covered in Tests: 4,495
Bugs Submitted: 2
CQ's Completed: 9

What Automation Looks Like
Professional Development Skills
I also worked with InRoads this summer. While being fully committed to Jeppesen, I spent time meeting leaders from companies all around Denver and working with my fellow peers.

Skills Developed:
Effective Leadership (workshops and e-courses)
Presentation Skills
Team Building
Learning to work with various personalities
Project Management (e-course/ PMBP Lunch and Learn)
Community Service

...and some volleyball techniques
With Excel
...and QTP
To my Mentor, Wayne Wells
To my Manager, Paul Reinicke
and to the GNTS SWT team.
An Image of Michelle...
Skills That Enhanced My Experience

Corporate Skills:
Scheduling/ Coordinating
Communication Skills

Technical Skills:
MS Office
Database administration
Technical writing
Computer organization knowledge

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