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Onerepublic- Counting Stars

No description

naol wonberi

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Onerepublic- Counting Stars

Verse 1,2,3
The theme of the song is happy, sad in some moments, expressive, and joyful.
What the song means
Hes trying to express what he feels, hoping that she might love him back, and that he cannot stop dreaming about what he and her could have been toghether
poetic devices
Onerepublic- Counting Stars
the tone was happy,joyful,sad,calm,and expressive.

Their were many shifts in the song and most of it he became quiet and then got loud again.
He cant sleep because he keeps dreaming what him and her could have been together.

He feels like putting his heart out probably because she doensn't notice him.

Hes saying he feels his love disappearing or he feels his love starting to lose its light.

1. I see this life like a swinging vine

3. I could lie, I could lie, I could lie - Alliteration
2.I feel your love and I feel it burning down a river -metaphor
The speaker is a young person in love and how hes trying to express the things he wants to say. I think the setting is a basment,night time,or a bedroom. Hes tone sounds happy, joyful and sad.
His tone sounds because in the beggining he sounds quiet and then he starts getting louder.
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