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World War 2

No description

Mr Duke!

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of World War 2

World War 2
What he did to the Jews
Hitler did try to kill them but made them suffer a slow, painful death. He`d lock them up in a very small chamber(even babies) and eventually , without food or water, would get suffocated to death.
People who were on Hitler`s side
The leader of Italy (Mussolini) was not a very good leader and was on the Axis side( with Hitler). The leader of Japan was strong but was on Hitler`s side.
The deal with England
Germany were about to attack Poland but England made a deal with Germany. If they didn`t attack Poland, England wouldn`t attack them. Hitler attacked Poland anyway.
Things gone too far
With Hitler as their leader, Germany conquered quite a lot of countries and the people were very happy. However , Hitler went further. He conquered more countries and nearly the whole world. In doing this he became very selfish and banned all the Jews in Germany as he thought they were of no use.
Allies win!!!!
And so, the allies won and every body was happy.
England beats Germany
Youwould think it would be impossible to beat Germany who conquered most of the world but England`s leader, Winston Churchill, was very encouraging and the small country, England beat Germany.
How it started
After World War 1, Germany were very weak and poor. Then a man called Adolf Hitler decided to do something about it. He told Germany that he would make Germany strong and powerful again. The people of Germany liked this idea.
about WW2
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