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Media & the Portrayal of Women

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Jeff King

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Media & the Portrayal of Women

Media & the Portrayal of Women
How do you feel about Women's roles depicted in society through media?
" I dont know, weak? less superior to men" - Goran V

" I feel like women in society will always be unequal to males because its a patriarchal society, but women have gained more rights over the years" - Gina

"Women can offer valuable information and have great value in society, whether it be in the construction industry or the world of fashion" - Dylan M

" They belong in the kitchen, are useful to reproduce and please their men sexually" Dennis I ( U of T student)

Powerful & Sophisticated Woman
- Oprah Winfrey exudes almost everything when it comes to being powerful.
- Not only is she one of the most powerful women on earth, she is more powerful than majority of men on earth.
- Attributes of a powerful/sophisticated woman are : Strength, smarts, confidence, focused, control and ambition just to name a few.
The Housewife
- Family oriented
- Does majority of housework
- Is the home caregiver ( cooks, cleans, takes care of the children )
- Puts her family before herself
The Model & Vixen
Today's Type of Women
Affects of Media on Females
Where It Started
-Our society is so heavily influenced by what people think, that we don't even realize we change stereotypes like fads.
- Every couple years we change what type of female is socially acceptable to the public eye.
- In the 1920s, Flappers were popular women; they were slim, boyish with short hair.
- In the 1930s that started to die down, because in the 1940s -50s the thin waisted and fuller breasted women became popular because of Women magazines.
- The 1960s is responsible for a "prototype" that was dominant for years and is still kind of prevalent today.
- The Model. Magazines in the 1960s introduced "Twiggy"
Confusion of Media
It is not a secret that we live in a heavily media dominated society. Everyday we watch & read different magazines, advertisement, movies, shows and music videos that all possess certain stereotypes of women that aren't considered in "real life" to be true.

Is It History's Fault?
Media has its handprints on almost everything. As well, it has built stereotypes for almost everything we come across. But for some apparent reason the false depiction of Women is strongly shoved into our faces. Whether it being in a movie, commercial, show and not to forget magazines.
By: Chantell & Jeffery
Ladies First...
The media has misconstrued and produced a false image towards women.
Men and Women are equal in every aspect of life. We believe history plays a huge part at how women are portrayed in media
In advertisements women are constantly depicted as honoring the secondary role behind men role; which is categorized as the "leader role"
-The depiction of women in media stems all the way from the late 1800s.
- From the 1900s to our present days certain body types were looked at as perfect and ideal back in the day.
-That body type was thin and slim. Due to stereotypes and catergorizing of women, it was believed that women 5'4, 140 pounds were the perfect females.
- *QUESTION* Says Who?!? Why does media have authority to determine what the perfect body type is?
- Thin and weighing in at 90lbs was our societies idea of beautiful? It was considered the "new pretty"
-Media has caused many issues for the females of society.
- From self-esteem to development and body issues it is crazy to see the affect that media has upon women and girls.
- Popular issues caused by media are depression and eating disorders.
- Depression alters how anyone thinks about themselves, because of popular media such as magazines, females are emotionally and mentally drained because they feel the constant pressure of always wanting to fit in.
- Eating disorder is a huge one, 75% of women have suffered from eating disorders, and not to confuse you eating disorders can be eating too little as well as too much which can lead to anorexia or obesity
- These two disorders go hand in hand because when depressed its not hidden secret you either EAT! or you Dont have an appetite which down the line creates a spiral of mental and physical disorders
- We are constantly surrounded by criticizing media, whether it be advertisements on TV, Buses, Magazines.
- These outlets are always portraying and demanding for individuals and in this case women to look & act a certain way.
- Unknowingly Media creates hidden messages which what we would like to call "Certain type of Woman"
-These two types of females right here! are responsible for many women trying to change and alter themselves.
- Models and video vixens in someway were "genetically lucky"
- With the bodies and faces they have, media has been obsessed with portraying the perfect women to have these types of figures and faces.
Society does not understand how powerful media is, and the affect it has on its viewers. Especially the viewers that want to blend in and be accepted into the societal norm.
- We see certain body types portrayed in the media and its its because it is constantly shoved into our faces, that we believe we have to look like what the media says.
- Women are heavily criticized for body shape and weight believing that whatever the media shows is beautiful.
- We have to ask ourselves again, what is beautiful? We believe every girl in different ways is beautiful and should be accepted for who they are.
Funny Ads LMAO
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