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NWU Alt Email Address

No description

Jay Kahler

on 31 May 2017

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Transcript of NWU Alt Email Address

> Open Wesleyan web page

> Click [Inside NWU] from the top-center tab

> Select WebAdvisor (5th from left)

Task 1
Task 2
> Click
Log In
tab (upper-right)

> Enter User ID & Password

> Click [SUBMIT] button

If something happens and you cannot log into Wesleyan services such as Office365, Blackboard, or WebAdvisor, you will be able to receive password reset info in your alt email Inbox.
Task 3
Step 2
Enter a Valid Alt Email Address!
Enter a Valid Alt Email Address!
Task 2.1
> Click the blue CLAS tab
> Locate the Std Life/Mail Info section

> Click the
Alt Email Address Entry

> Enter your valid personal email address

> Click the
[ SUBMIT ] button

Always be sure to log out of WebAdvisor by clicking/tapping on the Logout tab in the upper-right of the window.

Thank you for completing this important step to NWU tech success!
Nice Work!
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