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Labor Day Parade shooting!

No description

Annika Smith

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Labor Day Parade shooting!

What now?
There are questions as to whether or not the annual parade is to be held accountable for the shootings.
there have been several interruptions of violence in that area either before or after the parade each year
In 2011, a woman sitting on her porch was killed by a stray bullet
In 2012, two men were stabbed to death after the parade.
Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams proposed an "emergency meeting" to review the J'ouvert celebration and design procedures to prevent violence.

What happened on 09/ 07/2015?
There was a shooting between rival gang members.
Carey Gabay, an aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo was struck in the head with a bullet from the shooting. He is in critical condition.
Labor Day Parade shooting!
Annika Smith
Labor Day Parade background information
began in the 1920s in Harlem
it was then moved to Brooklyn in the 1960's because of the vast majority of immigrants that migrated to that area.
Women and men prepare feathered costumes and create routines to celebrate.
Before the parade, an event known as J'ouvert takes place at around 4am on Labor Day.
Around 2am , at Grand Army Plaza and Eastern Parkway, there was a shooting and a stabbing.
A 24 year old man was stabbed in the torso and a 21 year old man shot in the buttocks
According the the police, Gabay was an intented target. He tried avoiding the shooting by ducking behind a parked car but failed as the bullet struck him at the top of his head.
The 24 year old was pronouced dead while the 21 year old is in stable condition.
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