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Welcome Parents

No description

Lawrence Dowling

on 24 August 2018

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Transcript of Welcome Parents

Welcome Parents!
Back to School Night 2018
World Geography Adv. 7th Grade
Mr. Larry Dowling
Room 601

A Little About Me
I was raised in Melbourne
Graduated in 2010 from the University of Central Florida
Bachelor of Science in Social Science Education
Certified in Social Studies (6-12), Elementary Education (K-6), and Gifted Endorsed
This is my seventh year teaching here at Holy Trinity and I am still learning every day!
Come in, unpack, and begin the bell work
Bell work usually consists of a question or two that is reviewing what we did the day before or introducing what we will be learning
If there was homework this is when I would be checking it.
After the bell work and homework have been gone over, we begin our new lesson.
This could include: taking notes, reading the textbook, working on projects, etc.
Some things we do out of the classroom:
Computer lab, library, and possibly go on walks by the lake to study geography out in the field.
Average Day in World Geography
About World Geography
World Geography is a seventh grade course that uses geographical skills and concepts to enable students acquire new knowledge, critical thinking skills, and cooperative learning skills. Students are also encouraged to appreciate the freedoms and opportunities afforded to citizens of our country, while gaining a knowledge and appreciation of the world at large, and the global community. Students will gain a global perspective by studying the world and its continents and countries using the five themes of geography. The five themes of geography are: absolute and relative location; human and physical characteristics of place; human and environment interactions – being good stewards of Earth’s resources; movement of people, goods, and ideas; and regions. Reading, writing, thinking, public speaking, problem solving, and working cooperatively are critical skills needed for success in World Geography.
About the Book
Discovering World Geography
McGraw Hill
ISBN # 978-0-07-893619-7
Reading Essentials and Note-Taking Guide
Student Workbook
ISBN # 978-0-07-663608-2
How to Help Your Student
More About World Geography
August: The World (Earth; Water, Climate, Vegetation; Map skills; The World’s People)
September: The United States and Canada
October: Europe
November: Russia
December:Latin America
January:North Africa and Southwest Asia/ Middle East
February:Africa South of the Sahara
March:South Asia
April:East and Southeast Asia
May:Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica
Grading Breakdown
Students will be graded based on their class participation, and conduct. Tests/Projects count for 30%, quizzes count for 30%, classwork counts for 20%, and homework counts for 20% for a total of 100%. Projects will count as tests. All grades are accessible on OnCampus. If a student drops to a 76% Grade Point Average, an intervention meeting will be mandated. We will meet at lunch or after school. An individual mediation plan will be organized and parent involvement will be encouraged. A typical intervention plan may involve Reading Essential exercises and/or alternate assessments (graphic organizers, oral report, news coverage of current events, etc.) This will be organized in the spirit of Dr. Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory, along with other brain-based research. If any student needs help they can come during my office hours or we can make a time if that does not work. All students can and will learn the material!
The book we will be using is completely online. Some assignments will require students to sign in and complete them through the publisher’s website, https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do . The students will be issued a login name and password in the beginning weeks of school. This website has great resources to help the students study and experience different aspects of geography. Please use this amazing tool to help complete work and study.
Expected Behavior
-Students will arrive on time. (5 tardies = referral to Director of Student Life)
-Students will be prepared for class when the bell rings.
-Students will be properly attired according to the uniform code as stated in the the family handbook.
-Academic integrity will be kept at all times~ honor the Honor Code!
-Cell phones must be turned off (not silenced) between the hours of 8:00 am – 2:55 pm. Their cell phones should go into the pockets next to the door during class Active cell phones will be confiscated. Please see student handbook for details.

Please refer to the Junior High Discipline Policy and the Skills for Academic Success documents for procedures that we follow as a seventh grade team.
Wish List
Scotch wall mounts/sticky tack
Colored Pencils/Markers
Washable paint
Poster boards
Window Thermometer
Poster boards
Travel budget
Salt dough maps
Skills for economic Success
Cultural festivals
Court cases
Travel brochures
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