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GCS Strategic Planning Session

No description

Raymond Bularz

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of GCS Strategic Planning Session

A Full-Service Digital & Branding Agency
Ray Bularz
Anne Armiger
Brand Energizer
Josh Flynn
Brand Energizer
Tom Czajkowski
Associate Creative Director
Stefan Muirhead
Web Strategist
Session Preview
Mission Statement
Company Culture
Outbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Web Strategy
What people think you do
A product or service associated
with a catch-phrase or slogan
A product you are promoting & can also be your company philosophy
If a company has a logo,
it helps identify a brand
Commitment to superior customer service
GCS Answers
Customer Answers
Something that is synonymous with
a service or product that is offered
Would identify what type of service
or product you could expect
Who you are & why you exist
The "Relationship People"
Experts in the golf car business
Dependable & reliable service
The name does not tell me "what they are,"
but perhaps what they do
Specializing in golf car fleet procurement,
service, & fleet management
Commitment, Service
Friendly, Dedicated, Reactionary,
Trustworthy, Timely
A pro football coach because he is not afraid to come up with different solutions
Customer satisfaction
Quality of their product
Relationship forged between
GCS & the customer
Looking for good price & service is foremost
Reliability in keeping car fleets running during
peak season, with minimal down time
Issues corrected in a timely manner
Work is done right the first time,
so there is no need for follow-up
Service techs are seen once a week
Any issues are followed up with phone calls
What is a Brand?
Your products/services & the story they collectively tell
Elicits thoughts, emotions, and
sometimes psychological responses
Living a promise and creating a relationship with whoever comes into contact with your brand
The blueprint of your customer experience
It determines the position & strength
of your entire marketing framework
An internal compass of focus
All decisions, not just marketing,
are made in alignment with the brand
People will always be the driving
force behind a brand's longevity
What is Golf Car Specialties' Brand?
What makes a Brand, a Brand?
Your call(s) to action
Your customer service
The way you speak
The whole array of your communication tools
Your people
Your facilities
Your logo & visuals
What is a Mission Statement?
"If you don't know where you're going,
it doesn't matter which way you go."
- Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland
What do we do?
How do we do it?
For whom do we do it?
What value are we bringing?
What is Golf Car Specialties' Mission Statement?
Include the 4 Key Elements:
Keep it Short & Sweet
Consider Long-Term
vs. Short-Term
Test It
Revisit it Often
Mission Statement Recap
Clear & concise
Focused on what the company
does for its customers
Keeps the employees focused
on the company's objectives
Helpful, Loyal, Stale, Fun
Teamwork, Independent, Knowledgeable
Excellence, Dependable, Family-like
Hardworking, Productive, Informal
Unique, Stagnate, Separate
Personable, Experienced, Clean
Professional, Friendly, Responsive
Ever changing, Busy, Dysfunctional
Cocky, Determined, Respected
Versatile, Honest, Easy-going
Genuine, Accommodating
Responsible, Encouraging
Barack Obama because he is committed & sincere, yet sometimes struggles with getting the message out & supported
James E. Casey, Founder of UPS because he borrowed $100 from a friend to start his company, & it has boomed ever since
Pete Rose because he was a great baseball player, but he gambled (Yamaha is a great company, but gambles on its decisions to redesign problems or faults with its cars)
A mixture of Will Ferrell, Bill Gates, & Ronald Reagan
Marcus Lutrell, Navy SEAL because he overcame the odds & never gave up
Joe Gaul because he lives & sleeps Yamaha, & has worked there for over 30 years
Superman because GCS is made up of super hardworking people who sell super products
JFK: "Ask not what your company (client) can do for you, but what you can do for your company (client)."
To be the largest golf car supplier in the world
To be the best in sales & service
Superior & excellent customer service
Quality product
Quality workmanship
Thoughtfulness toward employees
Product is delivered on time & in good working condition
Valuing customer relationships
Customer satisfaction
Working together to be the best company in the industry
Stand firmly behind product
Getting the job done right the first time
To be the world's greatest & largest fleet golf car supplier
Someone who wants a good golf car & work done right
Someone who cares about the product they are buying
Someone who buys in bulk (e.g. golf courses & clubs)
Someone who wants excellent customer service
Someone who wants a true relationship with a sales or service person
Someone who communicates & partners with GCS to achieve the desired results
Someone who knows our company based on reputation
Someone who pays his or her bills on time
Anyone a GCS employee comes into contact with
Everyone from a single purchase to a large fleet of golf cars; all is important to be successful
Someone who doesn't own or has no use for golf cars (e.g. private citizens)
Someone looking for the lowest price & not the quality of the product
Anyone who doesn't know us
Anyone who doesn't value a true relationship
Quality, Professional, Knowledgeable
Reliable, Dependable, Responsible
Friendly, Faithful, Honest
Responsive, Helpful, On-time
Fair pricing
Ease of relationship with a
trustworthy company
Reputation of quality Yamaha products
Excellent customer service
On-time & efficient repairs & service
A partner who will strive to support their business & help it succeed
Friendly service people
They get to leave GCS knowing that their core need has been met to the best of GCS' abilities
Outside advertising & marketing
Email blasts
Personal contact & notes
Personal visits to clubs & courses
Seeing GCS rentals, vans, trucks, & personnel out in the community
Demo day invitations
Trade association meetings & contacts
Improve & enhance marketing
(e.g. more giveaways, swag)
Run timely ads (online & print)
Update the website regularly
Social media
Incentives, perks, benefited rates, & special discounts
Demo days, open houses, & club visits
Offering expertise in the industry through organized communication
Customer service on a one-to-one level
Increase customer "touches"
Club Car
Horizon Club Car Dealer, Nivel Parts
Golf Car Services, Inc.
Golf Cars, Inc.
Jake's Golf Carts,
Red Hawk
Columbia Parcar Corporation,
Vic Gerard Golf Cars
Used cart wholesalers,
Private vendors who sell used/rental cars
Our superior, one-stop, weekly service
Our relationships built from sales & service techs
Our commitment to excellent customer service
Our industry expertise, product knowledge, years of experience, & good nature
Our people & Yamaha product reliability
Our size (GCS distributes to 5 states)
Our good quality of work & follow-up
They do not respond in a timely manner
They do not provide the best quality of customer service
There is no genuine relationship between customers & the company
They do not repair cars correctly or efficiently, the first time
They do not have the most knowledgeable & experienced people
They are not reliable, consistent, or dependable
What is the Difference between Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Image, Brand Management, and Brand Experiences?
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Management
What is Company Culture?
What is Golf Car Specialties' Company Culture?
Suggestions for a Healthy Culture
What are Company Core Values?
Operating philosophies or principles that guide an organization's internal conduct, as well as its relationship with its customers, partners, & shareholders
They are summarized in the mission statement or in the company's statement of core values
They remain fixed while their business strategies & practices endlessly adapt to a changing world
What are Golf Car Specialties' Core Values?
A Summation of Golf Car Specialties' Core Values
We sell the highest quality product available
We satisfy, delight, and educate our customers
We support team member excellence and happiness
What is a Company's Vision?
Who is Golf Car Specialties' Competition?
What makes Golf Car Specialties Unique
from the Competition?

How is the Competition Different?
Who is Golf Car Specialties' Customer?
Who isn't a Golf Car Specialties' Customer?
How do you want Customers to Describe
Golf Car Specialties?

Why do Customers choose Golf Car Specialties?
What is the End Result of Customers doing Business with Golf Car Specialties?
How does Golf Car Specialties reach out to New Customers?
How would Golf Car Specialties' Employees like to reach out to New & Existing Customers?
What's the Difference between Outbound & Inbound Marketing?
What is Outbound Marketing?
Cold calling
Face-to-face meet & greets
TV & radio commercials
Print advertisements
What is Inbound Marketing?
Blogs & podcasts
Digital publications
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Social media marketing
"It is a good idea to have a nice mix of targeted outbound marketing along with structured inbound marketing."
- Steve Jobs
What are the Goals of Outbound & Inbound Marketing?
Outbound Marketing
Attract attention to a product or service
Get potential customers and existing customers to act
Convert leads to sales
Turn customers into repeat
higher margin customers
Analyze for continuous improvement
Inbound Marketing
Attract traffic
Convert visitors to leads
Turn customers into repeat
higher margin customers
Analyze for continuous improvement
Convert leads to sales
A well-conceived vision consists of two major components:
What is Golf Car Specialties' Personality?
If Golf Car Specialties were a Celebrity, who would it be?
Long-term plan to
achieve specific goals
How a business wants to
be perceived by consumers
Communication function that includes analysis, planning, & positioning in the market
Clear, concise declaration
about your business strategy

The personality of a company & defines what a company, from the employee perspective, is like to work for
Employee involvement & recognition
Quarterly lunches/after-work parties
Free food/beverages (working lunch)
Team building exercises

Aspirational description of achievable goals
Brand Image
How a business is perceived by consumers
Brand Experiences
The sensations, feelings, & behavioral responses to your brand
Good Morning!
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