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LS Heritage Presentation

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Irma Tung

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of LS Heritage Presentation

Presented by Group 2 Former Central Police Station Compound Some basic background Why should we keep it? Its features & significance Historic significance Aesthetic significance Social significance Local interest Authenticity Rarity - associated with famous people, King George V and Captain William Caine Then, how could we preserve it? Analysis with different factors JOB ALLOCATION Prezi & Research:
Irma Tung
Manson So
Serafina Chan

Script: All: Presenters
Irma Tung
Janet Wong
Serafina Chan
Alston Wai
Manson So The Central Police Station Compound includes:
- the Central Police Station
- the Victoria Prison
- the former Central Magistracy The former Central Police Compound is located in Hollywood Road, Central. It has been a declared monument since 1995.

The three buildings all together representing law and order in Hong Kong.
1. Revitalisation Project:
- underwent several expansions between 1905 and 1925
- a storey was later added to the block in 1905.
- Central Police Station Revitalization Project carried out later in 2010, will be completed in 2014

2. WWII:
During World War II, the prison was occupied by the Japanese and most of the buildings were damaged by bombing. includes Greek, Baroque, English and Roman style
in one building A popular style in the 17th century featuring columns connecting through several storeys. Doric order:
Featuring massive columns
bearing fillisters, *classic style seen in Greek temples The wolf head (national animal of ancient Rome) on the façade and the fringing decorative designs on the entrance are a symbol of the sceptre-holding disciplinary officials in anicent Rome. The Roman arch elongates the vertical proportion of the entire façade , giving the building a more solemn aura. The navy blue colour of the window frame is the colour of the uniform of the British Royal Navy in 1748. The 'G' and 'R' engravings at the centre were abbreviated from the Latin rendering of the name of King George the Fifth. Red bricks -- a common material for English-style architectural designs Central Police Station
Compound: King George V
1912 Obviously, we could see how rich the Central Police Compound is of aesthetic and historic significance, but it is barely authenticated.

However, its uniqueness with all four architectural styles joined in one building, and its rich historic background is enough to persuade us that we should preserve this building. It is far more important than its changes, as long as the 'spirit' and significances of the building stays. Old Central Police Station The Former Central Magistracy Victoria Prison Q&A Preparation:
Robin Lau
Kirstie Lee
James Chen More than one-third of the total floor area would be allocated for arts and cultural purposes.

Two new buildings would be added, for art galleries and multi-purpose performance areas uses. --> had different architectural styles in one building (Greek, Roman, English and Baroque)

--> unique style, where no other buildings had

--> Reflected the history of Hong Kong (colonial Hong Kong)

5/5 1. Interest of the land:
Due to the high land price in Central (where the building is located), local people would be very much interested in this piece of land.

2. Interest due to its popular culture:
It is one of the landmarks in Central, and its popularity even showed overseas as it appeared in the 2008 Anthony Horowitz novel Necropolis.

HIGH LOCAL INTEREST 4/5 --> lost its authenticity

--> underwent big and numerous changes (adding storeys, altering functions, damages from war)

--> lost its original significance when built (representing law and order), but was turned into places for cultural and art purposes

LOW AUTHENTICITY 1/5 It is very rare for its architecture, no matter in Hong Kong or in other places, to have buildings connecting more than one, or even two architectural styles.

However, in a matter of prisons and police stations, there are many in Hong Kong, e.g. Stanley Prison, Wan Chai Police Headquarter.

RARITY 3/5 - associated with the important theme of law and order King George the Fifth was King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India, from 6 May 1910 through the First World War - associated with important events, Colonial Rule and WW2 --> has connection to the British Monarch, King George the Fifth and Sir William Caine

--> the theme of law and order of Hong Kong is reflected

--> associated with important events, Colonial Rule and WW2 which reflected the life of Hong Kong people in the past HIGH HISTORIC SIGNIFICANCE
5/5 -Represents the Rule of Law - Represents the Separation of Powers (The branch of judiciary)in Hong Kong For Central Police Station:
1. It is a representative of law and order in Hong Kong.

2. It brought Hong Kong citizens to a more ordered and prosperous life. 1. It is no longer a police headquarter now, which declined in its icon of 'law and order'. 2. When Hong Kong was later declared a port of first asylum for Vietnamese refugees, Victoria Prison became a transit and repatriation centre. -Witnessed the development of Hong Kong's judicial system, which promoted the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, enhancing the development of society

- however, the three buildings have been discommissioned and no longer works for its original function now. For Victoria Prison: 1. It is the first prison in Hong Kong, where it was the centre of justice and law enforcement of the colony in the early days. 1. It is no longer used as a prison nowadays after the establishment of Stanley Prison. For Central Magistracy: 1. It inspired both respect and fear for the law into locals (although considering the colony's discrimination laws).

1. It has been discommissioned.
Nevertheless, citizens still regard it as a remarkable building with the theme of law and order, which enhanced Hong Kong's development during the colonial days.
Social significance: 4/5 aesthetic 5 + historic 5 + social 4 + authenticity 1 = 15 / 20

--> we could see it is a right choice to preserve the building with promising reasons! What do you think of it?

Q&A SECTION Theme of Law and Order - the Central Police Compound was constructed due the the rising crime rate caused by the refuges who fled from the politically unstable China - served as the police headquarters for 80 years - help maintain law and order by :
law enforcement (Central Police station)
judgment (Central Magistracy)
punishment (Victoria Prison) --> important theme of law and order is reflected Colonial Rule World War Two - the Central Police Station Compound was built by the British

- British Law was enforced, often discriminating, reflecting harsh rule - the Central Police Station Compound was occupied by the Japanese when Hong Kong fell under the rule of Japan during WW2

- reflecting harsh life of Hong Kong people during warring times -Its architectural features should be kept -Relay the history and stories of the site to local visitors and tourists -Devise learning programmes that illuminate
the values of the Old Central Police Station
Compound -Should be sensitively restored and revitalised to become a lively and integral part of the local community Captain William Caine 1841-1844
Chief Magistrate & Chief of Police

Auditor General

Colonial Secretary

between May and September 1859
Governor of Hong Kong

Caine Road in Mid-levels was named after him
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