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Wave Power

No description

Alex Kwan

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Wave Power

Wave Power by Alex, Jonathan, Jesse, Shelby Waves Water Waves How we harness the energy? Advantages to OWC Disadvantages to OWC OWC Problem deep-water, long-wavelength sea waves carry a lot of energy speed of the wave depends on wavelength OWC Oscillating Water Column renewable source
reasonable energy density
clean, without carbon emissions Needs large waves
Irregular waves pattern
Low-frequency waves incompatible
Needs to withstand extreme weather conditions Calculate the power per unit wavefront length that can be obtained from deep-sea waves of amplitude 5.0 m and wave speed v=4.8 ms^-1. Point Absorbers Focusing Devices Overtopping Devices Your turn! Try the questions on the worksheet provided! OWC Formula P/L=(ρgA^2 v)/2 Factors:
Irregular Wave Patterns
Wave Speed
Direction P=Wm^-1
p=density=10^3 kgm^-3
g=gravity=9.81 Nkg^-1
ρρρ Ans: 5.9 x 10^5 Wm^-1 How this can affect Canada Positive Factors:
Clean renewable energy
Harnesses a generally unused resource
Can be used across the East and West coast
Excess power can be sold OWC Oscillating Water Column
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