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Ethics of Human Cloning

ToK Project

Kamryn Pursell

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Ethics of Human Cloning


G What is Cloning? The process of creating a cell, cell product, or organism that is genetically identical to the unit or individual from which it was derived. Kamryn Pursell
Lauren Hansen V
S Extremely For Extremely Against Therapeutic Scientists, Doctors Religious Figures General Public,
Someone on the Donor List http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117108/ Identical Twins: same DNA but different personality traits. Extremely For Assist Infertile or Homosexual Couples
Abe and Sarah Shapiro
Help understanding of Miscarriages
Increased chances of pregnancy
Multiple Births Emotions getting in the way of reason and the ability to make ethical decisions
Inductive Reasoning/Misleading Perception
Risking the life of a child
Who gets to clone? Problems Greater Implications Increase in the number of people on the planet Extremely Against Leaves God out
Can we make a soul?
In-Vitro fertilization
If God didn't want us to clone, He would not have given us the power Harm Society
Restrict natural evolution and decrease biodiversity (gene pool)
BUT clones only account for fraction of the population (SLIPPERY SLOPE fallacy) "Perfect Human" Concept
Life will become shopping for a kid
Above normal strength and intelligence
No genetic need for men Corruption
Someone would use the technology for the wrong reasons
Da Vinci Moral Crime against infants
Human beings could be unnecessarily harmed during experimentation "Xerox Copy"
Emphasis on different genes and environmental factors will make them different
Epigenetics Therapeutic Only Organ Donations:
Eliminate the number of deaths due to waiting on the organ transplant list
Increase acceptance rate
Utilitarian: therapeutic cloning is good for society because it will make more people happy Problems:
Devalue human life
"factory line" of human life
OK if controlled BUT: Could manifest to extremes, such as *BD* 11 1 86 Greater Implications
promote YOLO
stockpile organs
Longer life span for humans, potentially to a great extreme
humans are not meant to live that long MUST BE CONTROLLED Only clone specific parts of a human, i.e. organs Help understand genes
Help understand genes and creation of animal organs accepted by humans
growth human morula ovum is similar to cancer growth
lead to cure for cancer!!! Problems:
Expanding life span
Humans are not supposed to live that long Misconceptions Laws Human cloning is not legal in any country.

This makes it difficult to take a stance on human cloning, because the effects are not known, only predicted.

$1.7-$2 million Concluding Questions: What is your position on human cloning? Do you think human cloning will be legal in the foreseeable future?
How would you prevent corruption if it was? Multiplicity
Personality Traits
Different parts of a personality are stressed in different situations
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