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Introduction to Eldis Communities

Version used on Eldis Communities website

Adrian Bannister

on 2 July 2012

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Transcript of Introduction to Eldis Communities

What do we offer to our members?
** for networking with people you meet online or in the real world **
** 10,000+ members each have their own webpage that showcases their presence online **
** personalised intros for exploring new communities of interest **
** From layout to look and feel we help projects plan and manage their space**
** we advice on how to harness our range of tools to facilitate sharing and discussion **
** Decide between public, gated or private spaces and import your existing community automatically **
** Embed whatever material you want including social media, video etc **
** Connect to and show others your other social interactions on the web **
Facebook-like activity streams highlight what is new in your spaces **
** Designed for the purpose **
** A selection of well known organisations, funders and their projects are already there **
What is the unique selling point?
An umbrella of diverse learning communities
A single gateway intelligently connects them
Behind the scenes a little magic goes a long way
A real-time business card
Stay informed
Keep connected
Discover more
A flexible and customisable space
What do we offer for groups?
** Over 300 Group Spaces with thematic, programmatic and regional attributes **
A raft of tools
Membership tools
A world of interesting content
Who's already using it - and why?
** Perspectives on why different actors an initiatives make use of Eldis Communities **
Reasons to choose Eldis...
Brands you'll know
Why we run Eldis Communities?
A space in which we can convene development professionals in initiatives run by IDS or its partners
Is it trying to be Facebook?
"Facebook is where people go when they are not looking for anything specific"
No way!
** Eldis provides access to research information. Eldis Communities provides access to embodied and contextualised knowledge. **
How is it different to Eldis itself?
A platform that contributes to the KS Learning Communities project
A seedbed for nurturing relationships with future partners
A vehicle for highlighting diverse voices from the blogosphere
** 300+ focused groups managed by individual members **
How does it work?
** Tools and services to help build and sustain communities **
** Collaborators **
Who is it targeted at?
** Limited read-only access to non-members **
** Email services to keep users informed and prompt engagement **
A source of valuable data that can help us learn about the world around us
** 10,000 members with their own 'Personal Space' **
** On your doorstep **
** Tailored professional services **
** Direct access to a significant channel for reaching target audiences **
** Interoperability with the social web **
** Thought Leaders **
** Constructive critics **
** Networkers **
** Intermediaries **
But we are also happy to attract:
** Delegates **
** Problem solvers **
** Activists **
** Enquirers **
** Observers **
** Facebook is not primarily a learning community **
** It isn't designed for substantive discussion **
** It doesn't allow participation by email **
** We know that Facebook is one of 'the spaces' where everybody gathers... **
** It can be very noisy **
But Facebook is not the only space in the conversation prism!
Updates from the blogosphere in your inbox **
** One group administrator explains why she values it **
Feedback is important
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