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Yearly Regional Cities Update with Audio

No description

Greg Wathen

on 16 May 2017

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Transcript of Yearly Regional Cities Update with Audio

The new regional healthcare destination

Downtown YMCA
Embedded clinical research
Connectivity through lifestyle

Working lab for new urban living+ the Market on Walnut project
The Market
Victoria Master Plan
Development &
Conference Center
Oakland City University Boulevard Commons
Transformational community and
university partnership
Updating the region's front door
Evansville Airport
Terminal Renovation
New Harmony
Arts & Food Project
Originally imagined,
intentionally created

Signature School
Science Center
Leveraging Indiana's #1 high school
100 quality of place projects
20% public funds
20% state funds
60% private funds
$2 billion in total investments
Three Regions Receiving $126 Million
in Matching Funds
By 2025
Grow population by
Retain 80%
of physician residents.
Increase Evansville downtown population by
2,500 residents

Build the brand
of Southwest Indiana.
Multi-Institutional Academic
Health Sciences & Research Facility
Southwest Region
$ 926,300,000 (total investment)
14 projects
Attracting and retaining talent
Where are we now?
Phase 1:
Complete and ready for final draw

Phase 2:
Signature School is determining scope and timeline ($1,972,427)
Warrick Trail roadway and running/walking/biking trails are open for public use.
Expected completion is October 2017.
Total Investment:
$292.49 M

$1.5 M
Regional Cities funding
Project includes the redevelopment of the downtown Evansville YMCA and the creation of Central Lofts, a 60-65 unit affordable housing development.
Schematic Design of the YMCA redevelopment has been completed.
Total Investment:
$27.13 M

$5 M
Regional Cities funding
Project consists of adding 550 residences in a lifestyle community sprawled over 405 acres in Warrick County.
Permitting underway with plans to break ground in early 2017.
Expected move-in by early 2018.
Total Investment:
$54.64 M
$2 M
Regional Cities funding
Williams Street will become new gateway into the University and allow for additional private investment.
Project composed of two structures: Student Residence Complex and an Alumni Lodge.
Total Investment:
$15 M

$3 M
Regional Cities funding
Project Monitoring and Closeout
All Regional Cities Project funds must be drawn by April 2020.
Total Investment:
$12.36 M

$5 M
in Regional Cities funding
Improvements to the airport include: - reconfiguring the TSA security gates
- increasing the utilization of jet ways
- updating terminal's restrooms,
restaurants and parking
- updating terminal appearance
Design work and bid packages should be finished within the coming weeks, and construction completed late 2017/early 2018
Become the
Midwestern city of choice
for people desiring mid-size city living.
Serving as management arm for RDA
Anticipated groundbreaking in fall 2017 with completion by end of 2018.
Retaining medical talent

Regional Medical Center
Construction of a medical facility in Poseyville to house two family practice physicians.
Expected completion is July 2017.
Total Investment:

Regional Cities funding
Project will be broken into six segments and will connect to existing trails and bike lanes in Warrick County.
Total Investment:
$10 M

$2 M
Regional Cities funding
Regional Cities funds used for segments one & two.
30 miles of trails in Warrick County
Wellness Pathways
Amplifying the Region's voice
Move to Main
Plans include new radio, digital and television studios, and the construction of a small public theatre
Expected completion is August 2017.
Total Investment:
$3.9 M

Regional Cities funding
9 projects approved and funded
5 projects planned for 2017 submission
nearly $20 M in Regional Cities Funding
remaining $22M in Regional Cities Funding
Total Investment:
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