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Ramisha Shafiq

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The frist four pillar of Islam
Zakah is the third pillar of Islam. Zakah is a duty performed on a regular basis. For muslims Zakah is not an option Zakah must be done by a muslim. Zakah is giving money to the poor. Zakah can also been given for releasing other peoples debts as well. The meaning of the word Zakah is 'Purify' this means that you are getting rid of your desire for things you want but you dont need so that's why giving Zakah is important for muslims because when muslims give Zakah they are getting rid of their greed. as when muslims give zakah they are also learning to share and donate money to those who need it. Giving zakah also makes everyone become equal.

You have a peaceful mind
Benefits of Salah
Benefits of Swam
Makes you get closer to Allah
Unites the Ummah
Makes muslims beliefs stronger
You understand what is right and wrong
Makes you avoid from doing bad deeds
You recieve blessings Allah
Purifies the soul
You can seek forgiveness from Allah
You are avoiding from doing bad deeds
The bonds of the ummah and families are strengthened
By fasting you develop good manners, Good speech and good habits
You are thankful of what you are given
You understand how poor people feel
You develop patience
Makes muslims beliefs stronger
Shahdah is the first pillar of Islam. Shahada is the declaration of Faith. Shahada means that 'There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger'. Muslims must believe in this to be a muslim. Shahada is the foundation of Islam which is why it's the most important pillar of Islam. Muslims also say that you cant just be a muslim by saying the Shahada you must also act upon it to show that you believe in it.
Sawm is the fourth pillar of Islam. It is when muslims fast without food and drink for Fajar till Magrib. Muslims fast in the month of Ramadan. for a muslim fasting is not only about not eating and drinking for a day but i also about not doing any bad deeds for instance while fasting no bads words must be said by a muslim they must not smoke as well and they must try to avoid from doing bad deeds. by doing this you fast could break and it will not count and instead you will get a punishment for it. When muslims fast they have to end their fast by sunset and muslims break their fasts as families, this also unites families and makes them all get closer to one another as they break their fast together.
Benefits of Zakah
You receive blessing from Allah
You become less greedy
zakah can be give to release people from their debts
makes everyone equal
zakah decreaces the amount of people who are poor
You are fulfilling your duty
you become closer to Allah and your sins are forgiven
Quick question
''Does saying the shadah make you a muslim''
do you agree explain your answer as fully as you can
i agree but when you say the shahda you must also act upon it to show that you truly believe in the shahada. this would make you a true muslim.
Quick question
Explain at least 3 benifits of salah
your sins are forgiven because you are offering prayer. And you you also become closer to Allah as you are worshiping him. and a muslims soul is also purified as they are ofering prayer to Allah
Salah is the second pillar of islam In Islam there are five compulsory daily prayers in order they are called Fajar, Zuhr, Asr, Magrib and Isha. it is important for a muslim to pray or else they wont be a true muslim. By doing Salah you can also ask for forgiveness for the sins you have done. you can also ask Allah for something you really need, but only if your intentions are right.for a muslim it is very important for them to do salah because it is mentioned in the Qur'an that 'then you will remember me i will remember you' this mean that when muslims will worship Allah on judgment day Allah will remember those who worshiped him. Before praying muslims must wash themselves this makes them purified. this is called wudu. it is done to remove all sins and to be respectful as you are going to worship ALlah

Quick question
Explain a benefit of Zakah
Zakah gets rid of the passion for wealth from a muslims heart. so muslims won't care so much about money and they wont be so greedy anymore
Quick question
''sawm is about not eating for a day'' do you agree
i disagree because sawm is not only about not eating for a day but it is also not having any bad thoughts or not doing any bad deeds. when fasting muslims must also not smoke and no bad words should pass their lips
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