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Business Plan

No description

Kathy Sun

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Business Plan

The Watchlist
The Trifecta
What is our Value?
Target Marketing
Preference List

Customer preferences
collects more specific demographic shopping data for TJX
more personalized account
more efficient shopping

Style Guide
- New Inventories + Exhausted Inventories = Discounted Outfit Purchase

-Full outfit purchase will total to cost less than individual purchases

-Everything Connects

-Flash Sales, Big Brands

The Why
Kathy Sun
Ben Sia
Brandon Lewis
Aaron Choi
Team Alpha
Management Structure
The Swot Analysis
- We are Unique (Product and Market)
- Market Advantage
a. More Consumers
b. Lower Prices
- Low Start up cost

- Weaker presence in e-commerce market
- Need further development on website

- Growing trends in the popularity of online shopping
business plan will become even more successful in the future

- Quick and efficient shopping= online shopping customer ideal

- Customers will find shopping at TJX more accessible
- Online shoppers

- Growing trends in
online shopping
Timeline of T.J. Maxx Online
- Hautelook
a. Less Discounted Goods
b. Market Disadvantage
C. Limited Option
- Other online retail stores
Macy, Target, Sears
- TJX needs to be up on the list of leading e-retailers
For T.J.Maxx
Decreasing Cost
-Selling exhausted inventory

Increase Revenue
- Increase total purchases
- Creating sales by showing more options to buy
- Do not lose sales

Improve marketing strategies
- Forecasting sales

Increase consumer intimacy

The How
Consumer Engagement




"men's black dress shoes"

- Consumer marks desired product(s)
- Notification System

- In-store pickup

Operating Activities
Investing Activites
Financial Activites
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