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Reading Development in Children by Will,Cornelius,Sarah, Bri

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Kenneth Hill

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Reading Development in Children by Will,Cornelius,Sarah, Bri

Introduction and Opening with a brief summary
Attention Step: Reading is something that is done by the average adult mind so many times a day that we forget that there was once a time where the structured scribblings of man made little to no sense in our formerly young minds.
Thematic Sequence: Our group has come to you today to discuss the process a young mind goes through in becoming a proficient and insightful reader
Internal review: Introduction of group members etc.
Learning to Read
Attention Step: Arousing opening sentence: Independent reading is the reading students choose to do on their own. it reflects the reader's personal choice of the material to be read as well as the time and place to read it. independent reading is done for information or for pleasure. No one assigns it; no one requires a report; no one checks on comprehension. Independent reading is also called voluntary reading, leisure reading, spare time reading, recreational reading, and reading outside of school.
Reading with Absorption
Attention Step: What was your favorite childhood chapter book or series?
Developing Independent Reading skills
Attention step: Learning to read has been the best thing since learning ABC's
Reading Development in Children by Will,Cornelius,Sarah, Bri, and Kenny
Critical Reading
Attention Step: You may be wondering, " What are the characteristics of Critical Readers?"
Thematic Sentence
Older students spend less time in independent reading time then preschool, primary , and fifth grade students
Internal Preview
What is definition of independent Reading
How can a child get their Indicators to show lack Independent Reading times
Why is it important to value Independent reading
Learning to read has three main points which are learning sound, words, and sentences.
Thematic Sentence
The first step of learning to read is learning sound. How do we do that? Listening to the alphabet song is one way. Another way is to practice the alphabet song, sing the alphabet son, and say the alphabet ( the abc's). Finally the children will practice the letter sound song, sing the letter song, and then show that they know the letters
A great way to learn words would be to get flash cards. Flash cards would help the children mind with repetitive and remembering what words they have seen. Another way to learn words would be to get a diagram and label it such as: Row A: letters;Row B: sound; and Row C: pronunciation and meaning using the word fish. Decoding the word is most important when trying to learn words.
Step two
Learning the words
Children can learn sentences by having a blackboard in front of them and start off with little words such as cat and then meow and keep adding small words to make it a sentence.
Final Step
Learning Sentence
Internal Preview
Learning to read can be a very difficult process, but with repition and practice you can learn to read in three easy steps which is learning sound, words, and sentence.
I will be talking about the development of a child's reading skills and how they read with absorption.
Thematic Sentence
Internal Preview
I will define reading with absorption, the methods on how to work to get this step and why it is important for reading development.
Definition of reading with absorption and an example
Methods of how to practice this step in reading development
Why is reading with Absorption important for reading development
Thematic Sentence
The reader rereads a text to identify patterns of elements information, values, assumptions, and language usage throughout the discussion. these elements are together in an interpretation, an assertion of an underlying meaning of the text as a whole.
I will define critical reading to full effects, the process of becoming one, and how it improves your life
Internal Review
Definition of critical reading and an example of its benefits
Practicalities of being a critical reader
What your life like if you took words at face value
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