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Lord of the Flies as an Allegory

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Tricia Murphy

on 15 March 2015

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies as an Allegory

Names Cont.
Ralph is an Anglo-Saxon word for "council"

Piggy's name is a reference to the pigs who are hunted on the island

Jack is Hebrew for "one who supplants"
Lord of the Flies as an Allegory
There are three main types of allegories that Lord of the Flies explores
Religious Allegory
Political Allegory
Psychological Allegory
What is a Religious Allegory?
A religious allegory, at the most basic level, is an allegory that portrays a religious theme.

From a religious angle, what do the following represent?
The island
Lord of the flies

Meanings of Names
Simon is Hebrew for "listener"

Lord of the Flies is derived from the Hebrew word Beelzebub (devil)
What does the novel say as a political allegory?
What does Golding have to say about global conflicts of the time (think Cold War and War World II) and the nature of power?

Look at the characters of:
The role of the littluns

What is an allegory?
There are two parts to an allegory
The surface level (basic plot)
What is the basic plot of Lord of the Flies?
The deeper meaning

Allegories are often made up of interrelated symbols that work together to portray this deeper meaning
In a true allegory any character, event, and image is a symbol
These symbols work together to portray the deeper meaning
Psychological Allegory
Freud believed that the subconscious was composed of three parts:
The id - instincts, aggressive, pleasure seeking
Superego - concerned about morality that we learn from society
Ego - ability to reason and plan; acts to gain pleasure (Id aspect) while also realizing the demands of the real world

Which aspect do Jack, Ralph, and Piggy represent? How do we know this?
In groups, discuss how the novel is an allegory of each one of these.
Theme and Allegory
Allegory usually references something happening at a particular time in human existence. A theme is more like something that can happen at any time
An allegory is a narrative in which each and every component, such as a character or setting, is representative of a particular value or underlying idea. (more specific)

Theme is its view about life and how people behave (more universal and general)

Chapter 8 - Looking Back
1.) Why do you think the boys join Jack later in secret? (5)
2.) Why did Jack say that the beast is a hunter? (5)
3.) How does Simon and the boy with the birthmark resemble each other? (4)
4.) What do you think of Simon’s suggestion? Support your opinion. (3)
5.) Why did Simon go off by himself into the forest and what does this say about his character if anything? (5)
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