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The spider crab and the algae

No description

jose flores

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of The spider crab and the algae

The spider crab and the algae
The spider crab berries itself in the algae for camoflage
The spider crab benefits and the algae is unaffected
symbiotic relationship:

the barnacle and the crab
Barnacles crawl up under the shell of a crab,attaching itself under the carapace
the barnacle is benefiting by the crabs presence, but thecrab is harmed
symbiotic relationship:
The whale shark and the remora
The remora stays along for the ride to catch scraps of food from the sharks meals and clean sharks body
the remora benefits from the shark and presence but the shark is unaffected
symbiotic relationship:
the harlequin snake and the banded sea snake
the harlequin snake eel would be viewed as prey by some species, whereas the baided sea snake
the harlequin snake is disguised as a banded sea snake for protection
symbiotic relationsip:
coral reef and indo pacific ocean
they both swim together and electric change fills the air
one species benefits from the other, while the other neither benefits
symbiotic relationship:
Sea cucumber and imperial shrimp
the imperial shrimp utilizes the sea
one species benefitsfrom the other, while the other neither benefits nor harmed
symbiotic relationship:
Sea anemone and clownfish
the anemone protects the clownfish by concealing it within its arms and leaving
both species benefit from having the other around
xsymbiotic relationship:
Whale and barnacle
the whale reaps no rewards from a barnacle attaching to its body
the barnacle reaps great rewards by attaching itself to a whle
symbiotic relationship: commensalism
decorator crab and sponge
the sponges continue about their lives
they both benefits from each other
symbiotic relationship:
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