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LEED-ND Tool- Lafayette

Lafayette, IN Centennial Neighborhood Analysis via LEED-ND

Tim Bevins

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of LEED-ND Tool- Lafayette

NPD "trees lower the temperature, draw carbon dioxide from the atmoshpere, produce oxygen and reduce the amount of pullutants that run into nearby waterbodies" GIB GIB Where Centennial Neighborhood Sustainable Neighborhood Assessment Community Workshop AGENDA
Introductions/Meeting Overview
LEED-ND for Neighborhood Planning
Centennial Neighborhood via LEED-ND
Opportunity Areas
Group Discussion What is LEED-ND? Compact. Connected. Complete. What SLL How A Way to Measure Sustainability LEED-ND Assessment thank you... Workshop Feedback Added to our Final Assessment
Policy Recommendations for City (4-6 weeks)
Follow-up with City Staff on Implementation Issues Site Location and Linkage Green Building and Infrastructure Access to Food Neighborhood Assets Proximity and Access Green Building and Infrastructure Neighborhood Pattern and Design www.usgbc.org/nd Mapelton Fall Creek
Indianapolis, IN
LEED ND Surface parking lots
Suburban style redevelopment
Deferred maintenance
Access to & across the river
Sufficient parks & other gathering places Neighborhood Challenges Intact Vital Downtown
Block Pattern & Alleys
Sidewalks & Street Trees
Historic Buildings
Housing Diversity Neighborhood Assets Where would improved walking, biking, and bus access be most beneficial?

How would the neighborhood benefit from a community garden, and what type of local grocery store would be most useful to residents of the HCN ?

What are the common themes/characteristics from the older development that should be applied to new development?

What green building and infrastructure strategies should be prioritized? Group Discussion Centennial Neighborhood Focus Areas Ground floor grocery? Community garden? Farmer's market Ex:
energy savings, water savings, green materials, health & livability Mix of Housing and Local Businesses
Established Institutions
Transit Service
Public Art Quality of New Development
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