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The SMAR Model for Learning languages

No description

Chitose Izuno

on 12 April 2015

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Transcript of The SMAR Model for Learning languages

How do we effectively use technology in our classes?
Technology in Class
SAMR Model
Asking students to type a paper!
Technology replaces a pencil and paper language arts task such as writing an essay response to a story or book.

Future-focused learning and teaching
Students create mini-documentaries or recordings with others

Authentic tasks inspire deep learning
- How can education prepare students for living in the 21st century?
- How can schooling change to meet meet the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century?
- How can we prepare students to address "future-focused" issues such as sustainability, globalisation, citizenship, and enterprise? Bolstad, R. (2011)
- Personalising learning –
- Rethinking learners’ and teachers’ roles
- Building a culture of continuous learning for teachers and school leaders
- New kinds of partnerships and relationships
Bolstad, R & Gilbert J, et al. (2012)
A relevant learning model teachers can use to effectively integrate technology in education
Kathy Schrok's SAMR latte diagram (http://bit.ly/1p8AJNt)
Chitose Izuno
Heretaunga College

09, July, 2014
NZALT Conference 2014


Tailored to the learning preferences of each learner
Teacher Driven
Teacher Driven
Paced to the needs of the individual students. Learning goals are
the same for all learners
Learner Driven
Learner takes responsibility involves students in shaping
their own pathway

Students make a film about their school life and present it to their sister schools in the target language country.
Typing + text-to-speech system, images and/or videos are used to enrich the writing task.
- "Personalization vs. Differentiation vs. Individualization Report (v2)"
by Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey
Co-Founders of Personalize Learning, LLC
- PPT "Future focused learning by Leigh Hynes
From Hand-writing to Computers

Visit the site "The SARM model for Learning Languages"
All apps/sites I have introduced and references are listed on this side.
Mark Anderson's flow chart (http://bit.ly/1qz37Pr)
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