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Business Administration: Algebra 2 Honor's Project

No description

Business Administration MLZO

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Business Administration: Algebra 2 Honor's Project

So, what exactly is business administration? Business administration is the process of managing a business or non profit organization so that is remains stable and continues to grow. What? *Do they do?
*Degree is required? *Colleges can I go to if I want to be a Business Administrator?
*Classes should I take? *Do Business Administrators work?
*Are jobs available? *Much does a Business Administrator
get paid? What? *Do they do? Business Administrators oversee all functions related to managing a business: planning, staffing, and directing operations. *Degree is required? Bachelor in Business Administration or Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Where? Which? How? Where? *Do business administrators
work? Any place that a business is located.
-construction site
-office building
Business Administrators are most likely to be found
on-site being the "Head Honcho" of whatever is going on.

Their work environment rarely is hazardous and minimal precautions
are taken. Which? *Colleges that offer good major programs?
-University of Phoenix
-American Inter-Continental University
-Strayer University
-Webster University *
-University of Maryland
-Colorado Technical University
-Indiana Wesleyan University
-California State University
-Robert Morris University *
-University of Southern California How? Much do they get paid?
-The mean annual salary is $84,390 (hourly of $40.57)
-People among the highest earning 10% earned $135,300
-Lowest earning 10% earned $41,420

Starting pay?
-Expect to make an average of $50,000 the first year after graduating with a Bachelor's in business. *Are jobs available? Here are some common places of employment for a business administrator
Toys "R" Us
AVON Independent Sales
United Health Group
ITT Technical Institute
Edward Jones
Wells Fargo
Amazon http://www.administrationjobs.com/career-advice/business-administration-careers/ http://www.careerbuilder.com/Jobs/Keyword/Business-Administration/ *Classes should I take to become
a Business Administrator?
(In High school) These would well prepare you for college:
-Keyboarding/introduction to computers
-English electives
-Business classes
-Marketing/management classes (In College) *Classes should I take to become a Business Administrator? (In college) After taking core classes, the other classes depend on the area of business you choose to major in, which are
Information Technology Management
Leading and Managing Human Capital
Operations & Supply Chain Management
General Management http://scheller.gatech.edu/programs/under/prospective/courses_curr.html 4 CORE QS WORKS CITED http://www.businessadministrationcareer.org/Business-Administration-Salary.html http://www.ehow.com/info_12081197_business-administrator-paid.html *Are jobs available as of now if I were a graduate?
Yes. There is a constant supply and demand of a person who wishes to be a business administrator.
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