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Gamechangers by: mike lupica

No description

Preston James

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Gamechangers by: mike lupica

Ben wants to try out for quarterback again this year after not making it to Shawn O'Brien last year.Can Ben do it,or will he not make it.

at McBain Field and at Ben's House.
The climax is when Ben can't be the quarterback of the Rams because Shawns dad Coach O'Brien is the coach and wants his son Shawn O'Brien to be a quarterback like he was.
The conflict is when Brian can't be quarterback for the Rams.
Lily,Sam,Bens dad,are:dynamic they all change.
Coop,and Shawn's dad are:static.
Gamechangers by: Mike Lupica
Preston Garner
Rising action
The rising action is when
Ben has a chance to help Shawn
be a better quarterback for the
team. And when Ben has a chance
to become the quarterback for the
Falling Action
The falling action is when Sam and Coop don't want to
hang out
with Brian anymore.
Brian finally gets to show Coach O'Brien that he can be quarterback.And at the end Brian gets to play quarterback.
Never give up.
Quote 1
Brian said,"I want to be a quarterback this year and no one is stopping me".
Quote 2
Shawn finally told his
dad "the coach" that he doesn't want to be the quarterback that Brian should and that he wanted to play something different.
The quotes tie by

Quote 1 ties by Brian never giving up on his dream on being quarterback.

Quote 2 ties by Shawn finally standing up to his dad and told him that he wants to play for himself and the team not for Shawns dad.
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