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Teen Pregnancy

No description

Tegvir Deol

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Teen Pregnancy

Tegvir deol & kirndeep kaur
Teenage Pregnancy
Children of teen moms


The cycle of teen pregnancy
Step 1
Teenage mother has a daughter
Step 2
Daughter grows up in a single parent household mainly with the mother
Step 3
Daughter of a teen mom also gets into relationship. Chances of her are high for getting pregnant
Effect on the child
- Children of teenaged parents face many challenges in life. Teenaged parents lack the education, life experience, and social support of more mature parents. Teenaged parents tend to use strict as well as permissive parenting styles. Therefore, there can be long-term negative consequences for children of teenaged parents.

- Children of teenaged parents are more likely than other children to have behavioral problems, which include aggressiveness, hostility, and hyperactivity. Due to these behavioral problems, children of teenaged parents are more likely to do poorly in school. They are more likely to become young offenders, if they are poorly supervised.

- Older children of teenaged parents achieve lower levels of education, maybe unemployed or live in poverty. They are more likely to have relationship problems and to become teenaged parents themselves.

Correlation between poverty and education

What would you do if you found out that you were pregnant?

Most teenaged parents are one-parent, female headed families.

In 1974, only 25 percent of teenaged mothers were unmarried, but now almost 80% of teenaged mothers are unmarried.

In most cases it is seen that a teenaged mother lives with her parents, since she cannot afford to raise her child by herself and needs financial support, which she can only get from her parents.
Who are teenaged parents?

Teenage birth have always been a concern in Canada; beginning in the mid-1970s, there has been a persistent trend for teen pregnancy rates in Canada to decline.

Even with increases in teen pregnancy in parts of Canada, the country still has a much lower rate than its closest neighbour, the United States. In 2008 Canada’s rate was 30.5, while in the U.S. it was 58.0.

Teenage pregnancy rates:
Effects on a teenage Parent
The outcome of parenthood is often negative for teenaged parents:

Many teenaged mothers have poor physical health due to their living habits and conditions.
They experience higher rates of depression, which affects all aspects of their lives, including “diminished parenting abilities”. In other words, having the inability to show warmth to their children and lack of effectiveness and supervision of their children.

Teenaged parent are more likely to experience stressful events in their life than older parent:

Some stressful experiences include:
Unfaithful partner
Victim of sexual assault/abuse
Family member addicted to drugs

It is estimated that between 30-50% of teenaged mothers continue to reside with their families of origin for at least 2 years after the birth of their child.

The dynamics of the entire family system changes now that a new member is added to the family. This results a cause in a generational shift and parents will become grandparents in an earlier age.

The family is "age condensed," meaning that several of the stages of the family life-course are overlapping.

Effects on the parents of the teenaged parent:
Scenario 1:
Ashley’s home life has been a mess ever since her dad and mom split up four years ago. Her mom has had a string of boyfriends and is always out late drinking and partying. She doesn’t even seem to care that Ashley exists, and is sometimes verbally and physically abusive to her when she’s drunk. Now that Ashley is 16, she tries to stay away from home as much as possible. She’s not seriously involved with any guy and has never had sex; she’s trying to avoid getting into the same kind of mess her mom has been in with relationships. One night she comes home late and finds herself alone in the house with Bobby, her mom’s new boyfriend, who is drunk. Bobby attacks Ashley and rapes her. Ashley doesn’t tell anyone. Soon after, she finds out she’s pregnant. What are the best options for Ashley, for her mom and Bobby, for the baby?
Teenage pregnancy effects
child poverty
Children from poor families face insufficient income, time, and energy, due to the pressure of poverty, to make sure they grow up in safe neighbourhoods, receive a good education, participate in sporting and cultural activities, or nourish them well enough to make them healthy.

Living in poverty leads children to be born as premature babies with low birth weights, have shorter life expectations, and face twice the risk of chronic health problems.

Living with a close, stable, and supportive family, provides children with important protective factors that reduce the possible negative effects of living in a low-income environment.
child abuse
When a child is severely beaten or killed by a parent or guardian- the
person who is responsible for loving and caring for him/her

In abusive families, the abuser tends to victimize the weakest member

The Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect detailed cases were investigated by Canadian Child Welfare Agencies. They differentiate cases into the following categories:

the balance of the evidence indicates that abuse has occurred

there is not enough evidence; however there is a strong suspicion
that abuse occurred
the evidence does not lead to a conclusion of abuse
child neglect

Children suffer through both
verbal abuse
at the same time

Verbal abus
- which also can be to referred to as
emotional abuse
, abuse in the form of insults; put-downs that can cause psychological harm

Self-fulfilling prophecy
- the observation that an individual’s behaviour tends to conform to the expected behaviour

Physical abuse
- non-accidental physical injury to a child resulting from actions of a parent or guardian
This message also can damage a child’s self-image

Sexually abused
- forced sexual activity with relationship, now usually called sexual assault

Haley and Mike (both 17 years old) have been dating for a year now. They met at a 50th birthday party held for Haley’s dad and instantly became friends. Once they started dating they spent a lot of time together. Although they do not go to the same high school they see each other evenings and weekends. A couple of months ago they started to have sex. They had talked about it for a while and decided Mike would use condoms to provide protection against pregnancy and STIs. However, Haley has missed a period and thinks she may be pregnant as she is very tired and feels nauseous all the time. She has shared this information with a friend, but not Mike, or her parents. What do you think Haley should do, should she tell or not tell mike and her parents about her pregnancy? If you do think she should tell Mike and her parents what would the outcome be?

Linda is 16 and enjoys her life. She is a good student and is aiming for a career in the medical field – she can’t decide between physiotherapy and dentistry at the moment but she is working hard as she knows she needs good marks to get admitted to university. She does not have a boyfriend but knows that one guy at school, Mark, is interested in her. She has decided to take his offer of a date to a friend’s pool party. At the party Linda met some friends of Mark’s who encouraged her to have a few drinks. It did not take long before she felt quite drunk and before she knew it she and Mark were making out. The next time Linda saw Mark at school she tried to ignore him. She was really disappointed and disgusted with herself and hoped that she could forget the whole thing. Now she has missed a period and has taken a home pregnancy test that was positive. After finding out about her pregnancy, Do you think Linda will keep the baby or will she drop out from her future careers she aimed for to raise her baby?

Is it right for males to leave the female that got pregnant? Why do males tend to avoid these matters?

What tips would you give to your family members or friends if they were pregnant?

Discussion Questions
A parent has a major role of guiding their children during certain stages in life, but if a parent fails to do so it could be detrimental to the child in the future and to the development of the "autonomous self."
This relates to Erickson's Stage
identity vs. role confusion
Must develop a clear sense of self/identity. Success leads to a positive self-concept, and failure leads to role confusion and a poor self-concept.
For example: teenager who ends up being pregnant will drop out of school and will not be academically successful
When children are autonomous, they feel confident that they can make their own decisions and choices and have positive experiences.

Young children become autonomous when caregivers are supportive and give children the safe space to make their own decisions and to experiment with their bodies and problem-solving skills without shaming or ridiculing the child.

When children feel shame and doubt, they believe that they are not capable of making valid decisions and not capable of doing everyday tasks. This will begin stunting a positive self-esteem as these small children start seeing themselves as “stupid.”
Teenage girls having babies during their teen years, increases the chances of ending up in poverty. Since, a mother gives birth as a teen and is not able to get enough education, she will therefore ends up having an unstable life and a low income. Therefore, the child of the teen mom will be living in poverty and this will continue if the mother has a daughter who too gets pregnant in her teen years.
Discussion Question
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