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The American Revolution

Project, History, 2nd Year

Asia McDonald

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of The American Revolution

The American Revolution by Asia McDonald The Boston Massacre . The Treaty of Paris The Stamp Act The british put a tax on documents such as wills and newspapers Interesting Facts Also known as Battle of Brooklyn Heights
Largest battle of entire conflict Colonists dressed up as Indians and snook on board a ship that was inporting tea.
The Colonists threw all the tea overboard and into Boston Port. The Boston Tea Party The Treaty of Paris is what ended The American Revolution between the Americans and the English.
The King signed this document which gave the Americans their independence.
George Washington later became the first President of the United States. The British believed that the colonists should pay back the money that they used for supplies when at war. The Colonies In the second half of the 18th century, there were 13 states on the East Coast of America.
These states were owned by Britain and known as the Colonies. Causes Of The Revolution The Americans objected strongly to these taxes. They used the slogan : 'NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION' Stamps used at the time A group of colonists were protesting against taxes. Five people were killed. They threw stones at passing red coats and the red coats opened fire. This became known as the Boston Massacre, and made the colonists very angry. The British cancelled some taxes but still kept an unpopular tax on tea. The Colonists throwing the tea into Boston Port. The British were furious so they closed Boston Port.
This made the colonists more angry than ever.... First Continental Congress The 13 colonies met in Philadelphia for a meeting called the 1st Continental Congress. The Enlightenment Many educated people started to come up with new ideas, such as this man, "The people should be free to rule THEMSELVES!" Jean Jacques Rousseau These were called the Townshend acts. They were a tax on tea, glass, lead, paint and paper. They wanted to stop the British taxes. They also called each Colony to train an army or Malitia to fight the British. In 1777 the British captured New York and Philadelphia. In October 1781 the Americans and french surrounded a huge British army at Yorktown. The British army and their leader General Cornwallis were forced to surrender. Valley Forge Shortly after the British drove the Americans from Bunker Hill in Boston. There, the Red Coats suffered very heavy casualties. Things were looking bad for the Americans... The Colonist had won the Revolution. The war began in April 1775 Americans ambushed troops an Lexington and Concord.
300 Redcoats were killed. Lexington and Concord Bunker Hill Until they defeated the British at the Battle of Saratoga. Saratoga During the Winter of 1777-78 George Washington trained his men in a remote place called Valley Forge. There, along with the help of a man named General Fredrick Von Steuben, Washington's men trained in terrible conditions. Many men died there or ran away. Freidrik Von Steuben In May 1775 a 2nd Continental Congress was held. This time George Washington was appointed Commander in Cheif of the American Army. On 4th July the Continental Congress met for the 3rd time. There it made the Declaration of Independence. This declared that the 'United States of America' was 'free and independent of Britain.'

It also declared all men equal and that it's rulers would be elected. Following their victory at Saratoga, the French joined the Americans. They played a vital role in the winning of the war: The French sent an army of 6,000 troops to America
The French had a really good navy that protected the coast from any British troops sailing to America.
Spain and Holland saw that the French had joined the colonists side and decided to help them. Yorktown America was now INDEPENDENT! There they learned hit-and-run or Guerrilla tactics. Fun Facts There were more than 217,000 US troops engaged in the war. As many as 1 in 7 of Washington's army was black. This was very unusual at the time. There were a few women in the army, and some even in combat! The most well known was 'Mollie Pitcher' who took her husbands place in the army after he was killed. There were 2 Boston tea parties, the most commonly known one was on 16th December 1773, and another was held on 7th March 1774. Hope you Enjoyed!
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