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Video Conferencing

No description

Aaron Edwards

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of Video Conferencing

The Advantages of video conferencing
The disadvantages of Video Conferencing ?
Because they are not at a table, the conference may be less productive
What is Video Conferencing ?
Video conferencing means using the computers to provide a video link between two or more people. You can not only talk to them you can see them as well.
Equipment needed to video conference
A computer
Example of jobs which use video Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Meeting can take place when your not in the office
The time traveling to get to the meeting will take along time but video conferencing takes less than minutes
You do not have to organize the meetings
Delegates (people who attend to represent someone) can still attend even if unable to
Documents may have to be viewed in person because they are hard to read over video conferencing
Some times you will have to meet face to face
A web cam
A microphone
Internet Access
Video Conferencing software
Customer service
Personal Shoppers
Music Teachers
Court Systems
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