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The Mediterranean sky

No description

Rachel Wisniewski

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of The Mediterranean sky

The Mediterranean sky and Francois L'olonnais
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
History of the Ship
-originally named "City of York"
-built in 1952 in Newscastle, England
-cruise liner departed from London in November 1953
-sold to Michael A. Karageorgi's in 1971, when it became the Mediterranean Sky
-16,533 tons (33,066,000 feet)

-speed was 16.5 knots

-164.9 meters (541.01 feet)
How did it sink?
-in 1999 it was abandoned in Patra, Greece, and it was towed to shallow waters in the Saronic Gulf in Greece.
-aka Jean David Nau
-born in France in 1635
-indentured servant as a child
-became known for his cruelty and ferocity
-survived a ship wreck then faked his death and escaped to return to Tortuga
Description of the ship
Francois L'Olonnais
What was he known for?
-he captured prisoners, survivors of a
party, he got frustrated and cut out one's
throat and started to gnaw on it.
-he would frequently murder and rape people and would steal large amounts of silver, plate, silk, and jewels.
How did he die?
His crew defeated him with
only one last craft, he tried to
find a ship to escape but he
was captured and killed by the
Native Americans.
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