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Sweet & Snacks

By Shakila , Aisha & Sanya

shakila hoque

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of Sweet & Snacks

How t To be the best you can be Pete is the founder and Head Coach of Kain Performance Multi-Sport. He has been actively involved in the sport of triathlon for 20 years, as both an athlete and coach.

Pete is a 4-Time World Age Group Triathlon Champion and a 6-Time National Age Group Champion. In 2002, he was named the USA Triathlon Overall Open Male, "Triathlete of the Year" and named one of the top 10 physiques in sports by Men's Health & Fitness magazine.

Pete has participated in over 160 Multi-Sport races and has won over 30 times! Let's provide them with the right Tools
Train them in Social Selling Skills
Coach on successful Methodologies
Provide opportunity to Practice
and make it Fun again Set a goal Develop & commit to a plan Achieve Success Work hard & focus Sound familiar? Pursuit of Sales Excellence Jacco van der Kooij Goal of a world champion Change in what we sell Months to years to build & deploy Minutes to Weeks to deploy to But NO changes in Sales! To make matters worse many corporations are forced to guarantee first 3-6 months in commissions Close cycle quarters to years
ASP of $250,000+
Sales Manager Ramp time Change in corporate direction From a
Sales Tool To an
Enterprise productivity service two years Pete Kain Next-Gen Salesforce will be based on an 'Athletic' culture 4-Time World Champion & US Triathlete of the year Close cycle days to months
MRC of $10,000/month
Sales manager ramp time Is it perhaps because we have made no changes to their training? At best a 1-3 day training course Once a year On techniques over a decade old From still 6-12 months 6-12 months ? All students treated the same I believe
we can &
should do better ! A Superstar turns his LinkedIn profile into a value add SalesTool. On Facile Ground Open Ground Serious Ground Difficult Ground No Bid Accellerate the bid. fight not $20.00 Buyers have changed 1 2 3 4 How to do better? Smarter in using the Cloud
Looking in different place at internet speed Account Executives Helps to
develop new talent Welcome To Sweet & Snacks Personal Information Shakila Hoque
-My goal is to become a successful entrepreneur

Aisha Meah
- Cheerleading fund raising

Sanya Shema
-Summer job

Jessica Ramirez
- Working experienced in the store BUSINESS PLAN
Content Statement of Purpose
Business summary
Management plan
Financing plan
Marketing plan
Financial Analysis Values and Visions Quality
Honesty Our Goals surviving in Capitalism
profit as young
entrepreneurs BUSINESS PLAN
Summary Who are we ? Sweets and snacks
offers a variety of snacks . What do we produce/offer? Chocolates
Muffin Who are our customers? Students
teachers First week sales? At least $100 First week profit? - At least $50 Financing needs? At least $500 Success Factors financial incentives. other success factors Buy one get one free
Law of demand (price) Financing plan - $500
- Make more money. Business summary - Direct to consumer
-Teachers and students. Marketing plan -Distributing flyers
-Products in cafeteria. - Ownership:- shakila 25%
- Aisha 25%
- Sanya 25%
- Jessica 10%
- others 15% Facilities and Locations
- Selling snacks
- Lunch time
- Cafeteria
- School closet or our locker Differences to competitors. financial incentive
cheaper prices BUSINESS PLAN
The Market (Buyers) Current Market
Selling to teacher & student. Industry Food industry Future Market - Montauk
- Parent teacher conference
- all the event in our school. Main Competitors -Cheerleading team
- Candy land.
- outside stores
Marketing Plan (4 P’s) Products
Cookies Promotion
Rewarding people who buy the most.
Handing out the flyers. Price
and up. Place
the cafeteria
Financial Analysis Startup Costs
$100 Operation Costs
$0 Loan or Investment $500 BUSINESS PLAN
Management Plan Good leader Have experiene to sell AISHA
MEAH Convince more
consumers Familiar Start-up Costs Product Cost Number Needed Total Cost Kit Kat Muffins Orio cookies Takis Frito-lay classical mix Chips Grand Total $1.00 0.50 $ $0.75 $1.50 $3.70 $0.25 20 10 15 20 50 25 $5.00 $11.25 $30.00 $13.75 $ 4.00 $84.00 Operating Costs Product Workers Grand Total Cost Number
Needed Total Cost $0.00 All of the
group member $0.00 $0.00 BUSINESS PLAN
Financial Analysis We will buy:
Each chocolates cost = $1
Each chocolates sale = $1.50
20 chocolates cost = $20
20 chocolates sale = $ 30 BUSINESS PLAN Business
Plan Highlights
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