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Key For Hope: Executive Analysis

No description

Phillip McKee

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Key For Hope: Executive Analysis

Veterans Benefits
Future Leadership
Program Analysis
Maximizing Outputs
Desired Outcomes
Stabilize Inputs and Maximize Outputs
Citizens Bank
Not authorized to partner with "foundations"
Complicated Organizational Chart
Too much "Red Tape" (Time Consuming)

Citizens bank connected us to multiple businesses that would be interested in the Key for Hope Foundation.

Stabilize Inflows
1. Create a consistent channel of inflows
Through Corporate Partnerships and community based businesses.
Through Self-Sustaining Programs

2. Create a self sustaining program that requires little effort to the KFH staff.
Future Leadership Program
The Numbers
Current Profit on 1Lb.
54 Keys = $1.30 = $.03 per key recycled
Proposed Plan
54 Keys X $2 Donation. = $108

Cost of Production 1Lb.
Chain = $.12 X 54 = $6.48
Spray Paint = $.11 X 54 = $6.00
Total Cost = $.23 X 54 = $12.48

Option 1: Set Pricing - $2 $5 $10

Option 2: Free with Cash Donation
Donators don't feel obligated to buy.
Chance to receive variable donations
ie. $10 instead of $2
Maximize Outputs
1. Maximize Profit on Outputs
Create a product that will yield a larger return than what is received through recycling.
Product must be low cost and easy to make.
Corporate Sponsorship
We believe, at this time, that the best opportunity for creating consistent and sustainable partnerships exist within the local communities especially with small businesses. We believe that a grassroots approach is optimal approach.
Keys in the
High School Classroom

Future Leadership Program
University Supported Program
UMass Dartmouth, Suffolk University, Salem State

Students are tasked with organizing and executing fundraisers to collect donations for Key For Hope. At the end of the semester students submit an executive summary and all donations to KFH.
Superintendents were not interested.

Wanted college backing
Too much work for students
Not enough information available about the program.
Benefits to KFH
Minimal Effort Required
Consistent Semi-Annual Inflow
Free Marketing reports

Benefits to the Student
Enhances College Applications and Resumes
Teaches Social Responsibility
Receive Letters of Appreciation

Benefits to the School
School Receives Key for Hope Certificate of Appreciation
Low product cost
Low production times
Mass Production
Pricing Strategy
Market Strategy

GOAL: Maximize Profit
Net Profit = $108 - $12.48 = $95.52
% Increase = 7248%
Pricing Strategy
Our primary goal for KFH was to establish a consistent inflow of keys and to maximize outputs.
Thank You!
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