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Copyright Matters?

Presentation for Chief Peguis Staff

Christine Robinson

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Copyright Matters?

Adhering to Copyright can be like getting lost in a maze!
Copyright Matters!
Why are you talking about Copyright?
ZZZZZZZ . . . . .
Recent changes to Canada's copyright legislation (Bill C-11) have big impacts on the classroom!
Why is Copyright Important?
creators want to protect their work
value of original thought and not plagiarizing
teachers in a unique situation:
users of copyright protected materials AND . . . .
educators of "copyright owners and users of tomorrow"
Public Performance Rights
It is now legal for you to watch videos in the classroom, as long as the copy you use is a LEGAL copy and NOT an infringing copy. . . .

You should still record and report on what you are watching!
Publicly Available Materials
Teachers and students can now freely use "
publicly available materials
" from the Internet without permission of the copyright holder and not be concerned that they are infringing copyright.

However, "to encourage copyright awareness and respect in all circumstances, students and educators are required to cite the source of the Internet materials they use."
Digital Locks
A digital Lock is a technological protection measure (encryption or password).

The Copyright Act prohibits breaking a digital lock even for educational uses that are otherwise permitted by the Copyright Act.
Canadians can now use copyrighted works for non-commercial purposes without permissin to create "mash-ups" or new works.

The material used MUST have been obtained legally.

Sources must be listed.
We have to be much more vigilant in our modeling/use of copyrighted materials . . . .

in our teaching of citation and how to adhere to copyright laws . . .

and in requiring students to cite their sources for assignments
and on YOU!
What is Fair Dealing?
Previously, "education" was not included in Canada's fair dealing provision.

The new legislation now includes education!
What else has
What about copying from the Internet when students do assignments?
What is a digital lock? Why do I need to be concerned with this?
What about Mash-Ups?
BEWARE . . . .
The new Canadian Copyright legislation does not apply in the US.

The US has a much more stringent piece of legislation called the "Millenium Digital Copyright Act" which does not take into consideration fair dealing for educational purposes and does not allow for Mash-ups.
Instead they have "fair use."
What does this mean for you?
DJ Earworm, United State of Pop 2012
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