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The Study of Literature

No description

Nicole Livingston

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of The Study of Literature

The Study of Literature
Why do some encourage others to not acknowledge literature?
Some say that literature isn't useful after you get out of school. They say that you do not use it in any kind of career. The only career you'd find use for it are English teaching proffessions or an author. Other than that, it is not useful to any other career.
The importance of literature?
Literature helps us understand the world around us. With literature, we explore the human conditions, also analyzing their emotions and thoughts. It opens and develops our minds. We see the world through the eyes of different writers from different cultures and learn the ways to deal with things happening around us. Without literature, we lack insight and understanding of human nature. Everyone should, therefore, study literature.
How Literature Effects Society
-To refine our judgement, to help us make better decisions.
-Literature teaches indivuduals to explore other cultures and beliefs.Coaching us to be able to understand the people around you better.

-Also, helps us see ourselves as others do. Being able to see the way you are from a different perspective.
The benefits for the individual and society are very small ,
however the drawbacks are huge and there are several reasons why.

- Everything we know as far as history , people , and everything else is based on literature.

-Alot we learn is from our own personal experiences and literature.

-We relate to peoms and books because some of those situations are similated to our own.


-The only problem is the fact that we would lose alot of our knowledge because again , everything we know is because of literature.

-To develop empathy for those who are alike us, caring for others as you grow.
-Reading can change the turnout of the future.
Basically, literature helps society interpret things, how people decide what they believe is right. Through all the reading, the writing, and understanding, not only does this make a society better at thinking, it makes us able to come up with better, understandable decision you make in our everyday lives.
- Additionally, studying literature helps shape our everyday voabulary, teaching us to present ourselves in a proffesional manner during any kind of proffessional event; such as job, collgege, and or intern interviews.
Literture hekps us care for one another. Everytime we speak to one another you learn how to care for eachother. and feel more comfortable around eachother. Literature lets us better people through learning.

How Literature Affects Individuals
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