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Music Evolution 1900-2013

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Haylee Moore

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Music Evolution 1900-2013

Music evolution 1900's -2013 Starting in 1900
Ragtime music was becoming popular
Scott Joplin created the music in the late 1800's
songs such as the entertainer, were classic ragtime. Broadway Music theater was originally for the wealthy
Broadway started musicals with easy access for middle class
Give my regards to Broadway was featured in a musical about Europe. 1910 music jazz and big bands were up and coming music genres
Tim Pall Alley, and Ada Jones were a couple musicians in the jazz world
Louis Armstrong was a teen during this time, and big influence.
The first sign that black people in America were starting to find their own sound. Biblogragphy
http://www.enjoythemusic.com/history.htm 1950's 1930's Music 1930's Music
The Hammond Electric Organ
The First Practical Tape Recorder
jazz was still a popular genre 1940 music
It was swing that drove jazz and blues forward in music.
Musicians that were a big influence include Billie Holiday, and Frank Sinatra.
Frank Sinatra introduces "bobbysoxers", as a new audience for music. 1950's Music Rock 'n' Roll, Pop music, Swing music, R&B, Blues, Country music and Rockabilly were dominating the decades music.
Elvis Presley changed rock "n" roll and all music after appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show, and was only allowed to be filmed above the waist, due to "suggestive, and sexual dancing." 1950's continued The British Invasion....
The Beatles, The who, and The Rolling Stones, were a few of the groups involved
American music was going through trouble, and the British bands aided in music revival. 1960's Music Folk rock
Psychedelic rock
Surf rock
Garage rock
Roots rock
Progressive rock Pop R&B and Soul Country music were the top genres. 1970's Music
Disco Music!!
First appearing in dance clubs
Musicians like the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, and Anita Ward
The movie Saturday Night Fever Made the music even more popular. 1980's Music The First Music CDs Pressed in the United States
The CD-ROM is Introduced
Jimmy Buffet was a artist starting to become popular with his music
Hard rock, and Hip Hop, were new styles becoming popular. 1990's Music New groups, like boy bands, teen pop, and hip hop
during the 90's is when new music genres, were popping up everywhere
Alternative rock
Contemporary R&B
Electronic ( which creates Dubstep)
The First Internet Only Broadcast of a Live Band.
DVDs and MP3's are Introduced. Early 2000's Music Music in the early 2000's was very reliant on past eras, and was reviving old music styles such as...
Jazz, Reggae, Electronic, Country, and Classical Music
The Biggest Music Retailer in the World: Apple's iTune Store
Over One Billion iTunes Downloads 2010-2013 Music Youtube, and Itunes, and Social Networking helped the music industry and the discovery of new music
other important genres of today would be...
indie pop/rock
christian music Bibliography http://prezi.com/vrd-bj3ovuj4/edit/#1_16894455
http://www.soc.duke.edu/~s142tm01/history2.html IMPORTANT MUSIC INVENTIONS 1900-
The first radio receiver, successfully received a radio transmission.
1903- first record released.
1904- first electronic recording possible.
1917-first jazz record released.
1923 The record business was becoming seriously depressed by the growing popularity of radio.
1935 the first public demonstration of the Magnetophon tape recorder
1941 Leopold Stokowski, conducted the recording sessions for the soundtrack of the Walt Disney film Fantasia.
1945 The immediate post-war release of research facilities to peaceful purposes gave sound quality the chance for improvement. 1960 Stereo had almost completely replaced mono as the recording mode. Studios re-equipped with multi-track tape recorders.
1963 Philips introduced the Musicassette
The cassette format was to become very popular. However, during its first year on the market only 9000 units were sold.
1966 As unwanted background noise had been steadily reduced, so the demand grew for even greater reduction.
universal standard.
1968 eighty-five different manufacturers had sold over 2.4 million cassette players world wide, and became valued at about $150 million.
1978 First announcement of Compact Disc from Philips Industries.
1979 Sony introduced the Soundabout cassette player which was later renamed the Walkman.
1986 50 million CD units were sold in the year.
1991 Cd's were first introduced, and soon became the dominant way of listening to music
1998 Apple releases the first Ipod, soon to be come a worldwide sensation.
2005 Youtube was created, and used for sharing videos, including music videos CONCLUSION Throughout history music has evolved. THe music world has changed after wars, and depressions, and major influences. All music has an influence from each other, and is going to evolve even more as time goes on, with technology, and new styles. Music is a major role in history and always will be.
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