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Academic Strategy

No description

Rebecca Yeung

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Academic Strategy

Shaping an Academic Strategy Strategic Planning IS ... Shaping an Academic Strategy Rebecca Yeung
2012883167 Strategic Planning IS NOT ... 1. It is not the output of a blueprint.
2. It is not a pile of cliché.
3. It is not the personal visions of the chancellor or the administrators.
4. It is not a compilation of separate departmental plans.
5. Strategic decision making is not done by planners.
6. It is not a replacement of numbers for true assets.
7. It is not a kind of surrender to the market conditions and tendencies.
8. It is not something done on an annual retreat.
9. It is not a way of eliminating risks.
10. It is not an attempt to read tea leaves and outwit the future. Academic strategic decision making means that a college, school, or university and its leaders are active rather than passive about their position in history. the defenders
the analyzers
the prospectors arranging the process of planning

providing crucial information that helps key officers make dicisions the reactors It looks outward and is focused on keeping the institution in step with the changing environment. It is competitive, recognizing that HE is subject to economic market conditions and to increasingly strong competition. It concentrates on decisions, not on documented plans, analyses, forecasts and goals. It is a blend of rational and economic analysis, political maneuvering and psychological interplay. It concentrates on the fate of the institution above everything else. Academic Strategy Traditions, Values and Aspirations Strengths and Weaknesses: Academic and Financial Leadership: Abilities and Priorities Environmental Trends: Threats and Opportunities Market Preferences, Perceptions, and Directions The Competitive Situation: Threats and Opportunities Academic Programs STARS QUESTION MARKS COWS DOGS Quality Demand a. Technological forecasting
b. Economic forecasting
c. Demographic forecasting
d. Politico-legal forecasting
e. Sociocultural forecasting Stimulants how to help universities struggle for their stability and quality major crisis
pressure from outside
vigorous and farsighted leader As there are many different kinds of institutions of higher education, there need to be many different kinds of strategic planning processes and styles of management. You will need to analyze your own situation and devise a tailored process. short-term to long-term
annual profit to competitiveness and health of corporations
preoccupation with daily administration to future threats and opportunities BALANCE!!! Responsibilities of Three Roles Presidents
Line officers HOW? 1. venture capital fund
2. consultant
3. growing number of courses, workshops, and programs available to campus executives Happy New Year!
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