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Which door to open? What keys are needed

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Derek Tremblay

on 30 April 2018

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Transcript of Which door to open? What keys are needed

The Obvious
High school is not the end
Higher education is essential
18 years don't know it all
Finances are an issue
Freedom is not absolute
Family matters most
Key 5: The Family Shares the Key
Parents are the primary educators
18 years old not ready to make decision alone
Be mindful of escapism
Discernment: continue seeking answers; follow interests; if doors close, move on
Key 1:
Discernment Process
No two children are ever the same
Not everyone is destined for degree
Not every student has an interest
Seek information: make decisions based on what is known
Key 2:
Location, Location, Location
Proximity to family
Cultural pressure to break free doesn't work
Size of school matters mightily
Generational issue: maturation slow developing
Key 3: If college, then how?
Golden ticket: transcripts & ELO
Course selection
Silver: co-curriculars
Bronze: SAT/ACT scores

Ace in your hand: college credits
Dual enrollment
Key 4: Experiences Are Critical
MRA: small school, controlled environment, shared value system
Doesn't exist anywhere else
Outside of school experiences provide foundation for encountering differences
18 years need to be mentally prepared for a real encounter with someone different
Existential crisis upcoming
Which door to open? What keys are needed?
What is the status?
Admissions Timeline
PSAT: 9th (spring), 10th (spring), 11th (fall)
SAT/ACT: 11th (March @ MRA), 12th (October-November)
College Visits: 10th and 11th grade
Applications: 12th; September - December
Scholarships: 12th; December - April
FAFSA: 12th; October
Orientation: varies depending on college
Key 3: If not college,
then what?
What am I interested in?
Technical school
Residency determines options
Regional tech schools
Complex but possible
Armed services
What does it take to graduate?

Most colleges use the Common Application

Visit Collegeboard for SAT scores and test dates

Consider the Classics Learning Test as an alternative to SAT

NHEEAF has you covered with financial aid tips and scholarships

The NH DOE explains what constitutes an ELO

NH Career and Technical Centers (Sugar River, Hartford, Concord)
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