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Lithium Ion Batteries

No description

Allison Abram

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Lithium Ion Batteries

Laptops, cell phones, iPods, etc
Hearing aids
Digital cameras
Laser pointers
Remote car locks
Some car/electric car batteries
Expensive to make
Potential safety concerns (flammable)
Lithium Ion Battery
(Thin Film)
Energy Generation
Electrons flow between Lithium cobalt oxide and carbon in a redox reaction
Research began in 1912
First non-rechargeable lithium battery available in 1970s
Switched to non-metallic lithium ion batteries for safety
Lithium ion batteries commercialized by Sony in 1991
Lithium Ion Batteries
Allison Abram
Alanna Grulke

Generates 3.6 V
(twice that of a AA battery)
Light weight, but powerful
Holds charge well
Good to bring someplace to be properly disposed of
Should be discharged
May be recycled
Cheaper to incinerate (don't try this at home)
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