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THX Presentation

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Carina Lin

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of THX Presentation

History Star Wars: Return of the Jedi THX Certified Studios Precise Engineering THX Certified Studio Specifications Certification for
Movie Theaters and studios What is THX? It's a hi-fi audio/visual reproduction
standard specification The goal:
translate what filmmakers/
mix engineers have created
on the mix stage accurately to the movie theaters THX Deep Note Logo Developed by Tomlinson Holman at Lucasfilm in 1983. Creative and Quality Control Neutral Studio Skywalker Sound Twentieth Century Fox Studios Working area and equipment layout
loudspeaker position
video monitor position
optimum listening positions
speaker focus angle Calibration audio/video calibration
specific test equipment Studio Acoustics listening and viewing environment
acoustical performance
structural isolation
reverberation time
preferred dimensions
color scheme & ambient light for optimum video monitoring Layouts Equipment audio/video equipment
front/surround speakers
power amps
bass management system
equalizers and delays
video monitoring THX Certified pm3 Studios Equipment
Bass Management
Consistent Visual Quality Features Ideal for... Audio
authoring and mixing video game soundtracks
pre-mixing (mix down the individual elements to a few in number) and sound design for motion pictures
authoring and remixing of Blu-ray and DVD soundtracks
audio quality control for Blu-ray and Dvd
broadcast master control rooms
5.1 & 7.1 music playback for DVD-A and SACD
calibrate game workstations
movie to video telecine and video editing for Blu-ray and DVD
video quality control for Blu-ray and DVD
video broadcast production THX Certified Cinemas Analysis of structural design
Speaker positioning and baffle wall
Theater isolation
Reverberation control
Measurement of background noise
Screen placement
Projected image
Final Testing Speaker Layout and Baffle Wall Theater Isolation with isolation without isolation Reverberation Control with acoustical paneling without acoustical paneling Screen Placement Projected Image Correctly Installed Incorrectly Installed Sources THX corporate website:
THX - Wikipedia
Images from:
http://digital-photography-school.com/mastering-panning-to-photograph-moving-subjects THX Certified Studios THX Certified Cinemas THX Certified Cinemas

4. Toho Roppongi Hills Cinemas Arclight Hollywood Cinema Grauman's Chinese Theater Empire Cinemas in Leicester Square THX Approved Manufacturers
* Crown
* Electro-Voice
* Enpar
* Klipsch
* KCS (Kelonik Cinema Sound)
* Magnum Acoustics
* Martin Audio
* MediaWorks
* Meyer
* Pioneer/TAD
* Procella Audio
* Wassman
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