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Democratic education phenomenon in Israel - What? and how come?

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ramit avidan

on 11 June 2017

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Transcript of Democratic education phenomenon in Israel - What? and how come?

Institut for Democratic Education
for social change, that promotes democratic culture,
based on the Convention on Human Rights.

Striving to creat an egalitarian,
decent, vibrant and sustainable society
The main principles
Freedom of choice
Multi ages
Democratic structures-
(parliament, comities, justice comity, critic authority)
Mentoring (Apart from Sudbury Model)
Varied methods for learning and teaching-
(lessons, learning centers, comities, PBL, games and more...)
Established in 2010, has 12 schools and some individuals as members
Working methods: parlament of representative from all member groups, Held 3 to 6 times a year.
- Cooperation between schools
- Shering information about pedagogical and learning methods
- Organizing different kind of activities (Israeli IDEC, teams training,
social activities)
- Support schools in the process of obtaining recognition from the state
“The Community of democratic schools in Israel”
"Kehila" Tel-Aviv
Since 2005, 280 Children
"Brandes" Hadera
Since 1987, 400 Children
"Brandes" Hadera
Since 1987, 400 Children
"Kanaf" - Golan Heights
Since 1994, 90 Children
"Kanaf" - Golan Heights
Since 1994, 90 Children
"Democrati Sudbury" - Jerusalem
Since 2002, 110 Children
"Democrati Sudbury" - Jerusalem
Since 2002, 110 Children
"Kedem" - Arad
Since 2000, 90 Children
Educational Pioneers
A program that identifies and trains top-quality educators to manage schools.
It has two spheres -
"Kedem" - Arad
Since 2000, 90 Children
"Kehila" Tel-Aviv
Since 2005, 280 Children
wide-ranging academic training,
and practical training in
pioneering schools
schools undergoing a change process that
are willing to become a beacon of
educational innovation
On going dialogue
Generates varied learning options
Forms of learning that are adapted to the student
Learning contract and personal curricula that contain five key questions-
1. where am I coming from?
2. Where am I today?
3. Where do I want to be?
4. How would I know I’m there?
5. How will I get there?
Creating a school system that sees each and every student
as possessing individual talents,
areas of strength, and unique needs
Personal education
Education City
An Education City has set itself the goal
of developing a society that recognizes and supports
the equal rights of all its members
to reach self-fulfillment.
It has four core principles:
The city takes responsibility for education processes, 24/7, throughout the citizen’s life
The whole city serves as a learning and education space for its citizens.
From “a school in the city” to “a city as a school”
The city encourages proactive citizen participation, citywide collaborations, and communal dialogue
The city helps
its citizens understand take pride
in and leverage
their identity on a local,
national, and global scale
guides international cities
in their journey toward becoming
an Education City by promoting personal,
social, and urban development
through innovative
educational transformation
A progressive learning model based on
product-directed learning.
This learning stems from the concept
that it is important for students to acquire tools
that will aid them in processing
knowledge and in creating knowledge
by themselves
The teacher training Incubator
B.ed and a teaching certificate
IDE and Kibbutzim College
The program offers alternative approaches
to teacher training and places emphasis on the development of vision driven educators who want
to work in the educational, social, and
environmental field in the spirit
of democratic education
B.ed and a teaching certificate
IDE, keren karev and Keye College
Path to education society and environment
The program focus on-
Entrepreneurship - BPL
Innovation - technological and constructive way of learning
Social and community involvement
Specialization in environmental and sustainability studies
M.A in Educational Policy:
Specialization in Democratic Education
IDE and Tel-Aviv University

The program is aiming to develop an academic discourse and a research in the field of progressive education
The policy of education in Israel
History and philosophy of the progressive education
Alternatives models for studying and teaching
Planning and building a model of 'Utopian schools'
Designing a research in democratic education's themes
Research methodologies
It focuses on:
Preschool in the spirit
of democratic education
A two years certification program
IDE and Kibbutzim College
The development and implementation
of a preschool education system
aimed at promoting a democratic worldview
that emphasizes the uniqueness of individuals – children, parents and staff
with a connection to the community
and the environment
Menan Malik
Multicultural society -
Different streams of education
The State Education Law
Official education institution
Recognized unofficial education institution
This law designed to eliminate
the education system streams
and switch to state education
Owned and run by the state (including curriculum)
Fully funded from the state
100% committed to teaching core subjects
Committed to registration areas
No extra payment of parents is allowed
Owned by the local authority or by private institute
Funded up to 70% by the Recognized unofficial institut
Funded up to 75% by the local authority (since 2007)
Committed to partial core studies
Payment of parents is not limited
Student sorting are allowed
No commitment to registration areas
1990 and on...
The democratic schools wave
The program of 'reform in education system'
Integration between children from different socioeconomic background
(never been legislated)
'Nahari' law
Local authority have to fund the
Recognized unofficial schools up to 75%
The recognized unofficial education institution and 'Nahari law' are in danger...
Democratic schools - where to?!...
Geographical Reason
Military Service
Big responsibility at a young age
Decision making and creative thinking in stressful situations
Courage and risk taking
Reserve service blur statuses
The 'Balagan' Culture
Familiarity, community, collective
Informal (relations, language, nicknames)
Less hierarchy (power distance)
The 'Israeli Chutzpah'
Argument culture
American, Russian, Chinese and an Israeli standing on a street corner
Reporter approached them and asked: "Excuse me, what do you think about the Shortages of the meat?"
American says - What is shortage?
Russian says - what is meat?
Chinese say - what is opinion?
Israeli says - What is excuse me?
Immediate action
Democratic education in Israel
What? and how come?

Small land
Surrounded by enemies
How come?
Distress leads to creativity
Educational law system
(Edited by Ramit Avidan)
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