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Engaging Young Workers- AFL-CIO NE Regional Conference

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Lindsay McCluskey

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of Engaging Young Workers- AFL-CIO NE Regional Conference

Young Workers

AFL-CIO Northeast Regional Conference
April 2013
Why Young Workers?
Why now?

A Lost Decade
Nearly 1 in 3 young workers reported that they had no health insurance
Almost 1 of every 3 workers still lived at home with their parents
More than half couldn't save money out of their monthly paycheck
12.9% of young workers 16-34 were unemployed
2009 AFL-CIO
Resolution 55:
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the AFL-CIO actively develop initiatives and programs aimed at bringing young workers into the labor movement at the national, state and local levels, and dedicated to the leadership development of younger union members throughout the country, and that the Executive Council be regularly updated on the status and progress of these programs.
Young Worker Movement begins to grow
Held first Next Up Summit was held in 2010
Established Young Worker Advisory Council
Held Next Up Summit 2011
Hosted Young Worker Leadership Institute in Washington, DC in 2012
Developed Young Worker Groups across the country
Since Resolution 55
Small Group Discussion (20 min)
What are the unique concerns or challenges that young workers in your area face?
How would your State Fed or CLC benefit from more participation from young workers?
What may be some of the barriers or concerns that leaders of the State Fed or CLC may have about starting a young worker group?
What may be some of the barriers or concerns that keep young workers from participating more in the State Fed or CLC?
Have someone from your group ready to report back 1-2 key insights from your discussion.
Keep in touch!
Bringing it Home
What is 1 thing you'll do when you get home to help foster more young worker engagement in your State Fed or CLC?
Reggie Davis- YWAC
reggiedavis@uwua.net 917-207-0486

Jake Lake- YWAC
jlake23@frontiernet.net 607-427-0247

Lindsay McCluskey, Massachusetts AFL-CIO
lmccluskey@massaflcio.org 508-446-6133

Andrew Glauser- Western NY Next UP
andrew_glauser@hotmail.com 716-913-2623
Create a seat for a young worker on
Executive Board
Start a young worker group at the CLC or State Fed level- make sure to get in touch with the Regional YWAC point person
Send young workers to union trainings and conferences
Talk to affiliate leaders about getting their young members involved in the CLC or State Fed
Support existing Young Worker Groups by putting them on the meeting agenda for reports and helping to highlight they work they do
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