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People and Your Account

No description

SOFO Student Supervisor

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of People and Your Account

Responsibilities and the Process for Transitions
People and Your Account
SOFO only does business with the treasurer or president of the group.
Be sure to bring your WildCARD or some form of ID when you come to the window so we check your identity!
If your group has co-presidents, only one can be signed in with SOFO.
When a new officer is elected, they need to:
View the SOFObasics presentations...
SOFO Training
...take the SOFO quiz (available on our website), turn it in to SOFO to have it checked...
... and attend a live training session.
The old officer needs to reconcile any outstanding transactions or issues with the account and pass the ledger and voucher book to the new officer.
Signature Cards
The old officer needs to sign out of the account by signing in the new officer on a new signature card. Please be sure to provide the name of the new officer when you sign out.
The new officer fills out the top with their contact information and accepts the responsibilities listed.
(Please note that both President and Treasurer have to complete these steps)
Treasurers are required to attend training and take the SOFO quiz or else your account will be frozen.

Presidents are not required to take this step, however, if they wish to do transactions with SOFO, it is necessary that they are trained and quizzed.
Get to know yours!
Advisors are faculty or staff members who approve your group spending. They cannot be students.
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