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One Direction

No description

Carrie Gilbert

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of One Direction

One Direction
x-Factor tour ~ 2010 UK
The x-Factor tour consisted of all of the contestants, This was a way to re-cap and publicize the x-Factor and their contestants, making them bigger, even if they didn't make it to the Top 3 or Top 5.
Up All Night tour ~ 2011 - 2012
In 2011, One Direction's first official album, Up All Night, had a huge success, sparking a massive fandom to form. Up All Night was the first UK band's album to hit #1 in the US so quickly,
Take Me Home tour ~ 2012 - 2013
One Direction's second album hit #1 on Billboard and iTunes charts faster than UAN. This album had a more mature sound than the first album and left fans swooning and literally passing out. The music as well as the boys are different. In looks and sounds.
Current news and life
So far, the TMH tour has wrapped up and they have came out with a new album, called Midnight Memories. This album has a rockier sound and contains more mature lyrics. This album is more mature than the first two albums combined, times 30. Everyone has changed style, and their hair has... Made its way upwards..
Harry Styles (16), Liam Payne (16 {first time} 17 {second time}, Niall Horan (16), Zayn Malik (17), and Louis Tomlinson (18), all tried out as individuals first and were all eliminated in Boot Camp. Afterwards, the judges brought them back and put different contestants into different groups and said that if they wanted to continue in the competition, they were to be a band. One Direction was officially formed on July 23rd, 2010 at 8:22 pm. Later in the competition, the boys were the favorite of the judges and of the x-Factor watchers. The order of the
winnings was:
1st) Michael Buble
2nd) Rebecka Fergason
3rd) One Direction
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