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The Blind Side

No description

Liam Sol

on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of The Blind Side

Big Mike is very different from the family that takes him in and his new community. When Leigh Tuoeh makes Micheal part of the family, it make the family very insecure because he is a large man. Also Micheal's classmates are very intimidated by his size and his skin colour. This is because the neighborhood that the school is in is mainly a white neighborhood. When the kids see a large black man they feel intimided. This is interpersonal conflict because the group of white people are against Michael for a short part of the movie.
Nature Of Conflict
Factors Of Conflict
Styles Of Conflict
The styles of conflict that are used in the movie The Blind Side are:
Other Conflict
Another conflict in the movie was between Michael and his old "gang". This conflict goes on until the end of the movie. The gang wanted him to join instead of going to school and playing football. This is interpersonal conflict because the group or gang is going against Micheal's decision to take the smart route. Instead they want him to stay and live with them in the projects.
By Liam Solomon
The Blind Side
One of the factors that cause Michael and the gang to fight is because the gang leader is treating Michael horribly and was teasing Michael about having sexual intercourse with his new little sister. This causes Michael to flip out, tear apart the whole apartment and beat up all of the gang members except the women and the baby.
An example of aggression in the movie The Blind Side is when number 66 is intimadating Michael. Michael's coach talks to him talks about how Michael needs to protect his quarterback. Michael then focuses his agression/force to push number 66 all the way to the endzone. This made number 66 leave Michael alone and give up.
The collaboration that takes place in The Blind Side is when Mrs. Toueh went up to the football coach and told him that Michhael tested 98 in protective instincts. This gave the coach an idea of how to help Michael become a better football player. Mrs. Touhy and the coach realized Michael was instictively defensive and protective. When this was a focus in football it helped Michael get over his shyness of white people as well.
Was Collaboration Effective or Ineffective
The most effective part was the collaboration of Mrs. Toueh and the coach. It was effective becase it solved problems quickly and efficiently.
The outcome of the conflicts were both good and bad. It was good because it solved Michael's problems and helped him progress and blossom into a great football player. It was also bad because the conflict hurt the members of the gang and number 66. This is bad because two wrongs don't make a right.
Was Aggression Effective or Ineffective
Aggression wasn't as effective as collaboration because it involved force and lowering the self-esteem of number 66 and others like the members of the gang.
Was The Outcome Agreeable To Everyone
No, I don't think that the outcome was agreeable to everyone because number 66 was sad and was feeling depressed after he was beat by Michael. Another person who wasn't very happy with the outcome was Michaels Mother. This is becuase she dosen't understand how she raised such a good person yet was such a bad parent. She was embarased to think about what she had done. Also all the people in Michael's old gang because didn't like how things ended up because they had their apartment torn appart and were beat up badly.
Would I Change The Way The Situation Was Handled
Yes, I would change the way the situation was handled. I would change the fact that Mrs. Toueh had to tell the coach that Michael tests 98 in protective instincts. I would rather have the coach take the time to talk to the player after the pratice/game and address the problem with Michael.
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