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No description

elly lubostro

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of AT&T NEXT

allows customers to get a new smartphone every 12 or 18 months. With AT&T Next, customers do not pay a down payment, activation fees, upgrade fees, or financing fees. Customers have monthly installment,* which are conveniently billed on their monthly statement.

Next 18
Divides the regular price of your smartphone into 24 low monthly installments. Trade in your qualified smartphone to upgrade after 18 installments.

Your payments are conveniently billed on your monthly statement.

Any time after 18 or 12 monthly installment payments, you can trade in your current smartphone** and upgrade to a brand-new one.

*current customers who are eligible for an upgrade.
*accounts are in good standing.
*new customers with qualifying credit.

Next 12
Divides the regular price of your smartphone into 20 low monthly installments. Trade in your qualified smartphone to upgrade after 12 installments.

**Current smartphone must be
in good physical and fully functional condition.

With respect to business customers and their Corporate Responsibility
Users, a qualified small business agreement (for example, an AT&T Mobile Business Agreement) is also required.

National Retail
Local Dealer
AT&T Next devices purchased from a National Retail/
Local Dealer location must be exchanged/returned to the original purchase location. Customers have 14 calendar days to return or exchange an AT&T Next device.

New customers, and those porting
their CTN to AT&T, who sign up for AT&T Next and wish to make a device change have 14 calendar days to make the exchange.

*National Retailers/Local Dealers must follow an exception process handled by a specialized Mobility Service Center team to reverse the installment agreement so the installment agreement is removed from the customer's account.
*This resets the customers upgrade eligibility on the
same day, so that they can retain their phone number
and the representative can process the exchange.

Customer can choose from a huge selection of the latest and most popular smartphones!
If the customer loses their smartphone:
We encourage Mobile Insurance for AT&T Next. If a customer has Mobile Insurance, they can file a claim and receive a replacement device that would continue the AT&T Next installment agreement.
*If a customer does not have Mobile Insurance, the customer is obligated to complete their 20, 24, or 26 monthly payments prior to being upgrade eligible.
Customers can choose the Payoff option to fulfill their installment agreement.
Customers can choose to pay off the full device balance, fulfilling the installment agreement, or Pay to Upgrade Now to become upgrade eligible. When utilizing the Pay to Upgrade Now offer, customers must pay the remaining installments up to and including the 12 months or 18 months to expedite upgrade eligibility.

The following requirements must be met:
*Two installment charges billed and paid
*Upgrade in good standing and device trade-in rules apply
*Device trade in required and only available for trade in at a COR store
*Purchase of a new qualifying smartphone from AT&T is required
*ExpressPay can be utilized for payment processing and then customers need to be referred to COR for the upgrade with required trade-in.

Customers can view AT&T Next or tablet installment plan
details in the Equipment Charges section under Other
Charges and Credits on their monthly bill. They
are also able to view via myAT&T.

Once you've made 12 or18 monthly installment payments on
your AT&T Next installment agreement, you are eligible to trade in and upgrade your smartphone. Your trade-in must be in good physical condition and fully functional to qualify. This means:
*It must power on and off.
*The screen must be intact, free of any chips, and function properly.
*The device must be free of breaks or cracks.
*The battery must be included.
*The activation lock has been disabled (for example, Find My iPhone)
Cancellations and Returns
*Local AT&T retail locations may return or exchange smartphones that are
purchased on an AT&T Next installment agreement within the standard
14-day BRE period.
*CRU under an AT&T business agreement (with a FAN) retain their 30-day
BRE period for all devices (excluding tablets) and accessories.
Cancellation of service also remains at 30 days for CRU customers.
*The tablet BRE period remains at 14 days
Can devices purchased on an installment plan be returned?

Customers who do not maintain wireless service on an installment plan
are required to pay the remaining balance of the installment agreement
in full when cancelling their plan. Same applies if a customer wishes to
cancel their installment agreement, the full-outstanding balance
on the installment plan becomes due.
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