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Getting Temps Started

The Candidate Placement Process

Bill Behn

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Getting Temps Started

Successful Engagement Started!
Step One
Make sure you have a signed agreement with Start Date & Bill Rate.

Send candidate email confirming Start Date, Time, Location and Pay Rate
Step Two
Ensure all background checks are complete. You must do a minimum of a National Criminal check for every temporary employee on assignment. Client may request an additional DMV or Credit check.

Make sure the Candidate, Client and Job Order records in TempWizard are complete and linked. Pay close attention to:

Client email address
for Invoices.
Candidate banking information
for direct deposit.

Step Three
Step Four
Step Five
Once candidate starts send an email to the candidate with the On-Line Time Sheet Instructions and an email to the client with the On-Line Time Approval instructions.

Nsight Training:
The Candidate Placement Process
Stay active finding this candidate a job via Talent Delivery Calls & Candidate Email Campaigns
Has the Candidate been accepted for a position with your client?
And has the candidate agreed to a pay rate?
Send candidate the
"Candidate Handbook"
and make sure last page is signed and returned to you. Save signed last page into candidate record in TempWizard.
Ensure candidate's I-9 and W-2 are complete and scanned into candidate's record in TempWizard.

If you save paper copies they must be under lock and key!

Post Placement Process
Make a Welcome/First Day check in call by Noon!
quality calls
to Client by Sales
check in calls
to Candidate by Recruiter
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