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Corin Colter

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Movies

Movies from childhood Atlantis: The Lost Empire Childhood Classics Oldie-but-Goodie Labyrinth My Favorites this baby is sad you don't watch more movies From me to you :) Movies to Love waiting for you endless possibilities Every story The Princess and the Goblin A journey to find the lost city of Atlantis Filled with love and adventure The Fox and the Hound Two unusual friends Turned Enemies A real
tear-jerker You'll never forget Who Framed Roger Rabbit All the things you may have missed The NeverEnding Story Ferngully - The Last Rainforest Oliver and Company The Princess Bride Shark Tale The Goonies The Brave Little Toaster Anastasia Thumbilena Elmo in Grouchland Cats Can't Dance The Great Mouse Detective Milo and Otis & All the things you shouldn't live without My girl Hocus Pocus Matilda The Road to El Dorado Ella Enchanted Andre Bee Movie The Little Rascals Prince of Egypt waiting for you is an adventure all the way to the end this Crysta This man Helps this Rabbit The greatness of this movie An lost kitten who finds a dog gang to help him get home this movie funny unpredictable action-packed animated love story cute words cannot explain adorable Oliver!! and this bat BATTY try to save the forest from the humans before it's completely destroyed This toxic evil guy by find journey this duo so what do you say? lets make it happy!!! to take it find who framed him All Dogs go to Heaven the fairy human Zak has everything Hexxus
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